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American Indian

You will find this site very interersting and informative.

American Indian Bibliography
Resources for the study of the American Indian
American Indian Digest
American Indian Internet Resources
American Indian Studies Programs
University of Arizona
Arizona's American Indian Store
ArtNatAm - Native American Art Exhibit
Caddoan Indian Cultures in Texas
Comanche-Part One
Comanche-Part Two
Comanche-Part Three
First Nations/First Peoples Issues
First Nations Histories
Great Lakes Regional American Indian Network
Historical Indian Tribes in Texas
Indian Arts & Crafts -
Interesting Links
Indian Arts and Crafts Association - Promoting, Preserving and Protecting Native American Creations
Institute of American Indian Studies/SDOHC
John Israel, An Extraordinary Man
John Israel - Picture
Kenneth Johnson - Native American Silversmith Specializing in Silver & Gold Hand-stamped Jewelry -
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Kevin Locke - Sioux
Links to Plains Indians -
Many interesting links
Logomancy: Identity
Native American Indian -- Art, Culture, Education, History. Science, --Native Sources, Metasite Startpage -
Very informative site
Native American Indians -
Links to other sites
Native American Indians ** -
Many interesting links
Native American Navigator -
An interface for geographical, historical, topical and keyword-based inquiry on topics related to Native American History. This is a great site
Native American Resources -
New Mexico Tech Library's Best Picks
Native American Tribes, Culture Areas and Linguistic Stocks -
Smithsonian Institution. This is a wonderful site with a clickable map
Native CyberTrade - Native American Resources
Native People Magazine - sensitive portrayal of the arts and lifeways.
Navajo Nation - Department of Tourism
Oneida Indian Nation
Pueblo Cultural Center
Resources for the study of American Indians
Southwestern Association for Indian Arts, Inc.
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Sitting Bull
Sunshine Studio - Santa Fe Indian Traders - Quality Native American Art and Crafts
Tribal Voice
Where Tradition Meets Technology -
A Nationally Recognized Native American Company Committed to Building an International Presence for you

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