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Real Estate

Helpful Sites -

Living or Moving to Texas, these sites should be helpful and informative

Austin - Capital of Texas
Homebuyer's Fair -
Great information for buying a home and related topics.
Texas Government World Wide Web server -
All About Texas for Texans, Future Texans and Vistiors.
Texas Department of Transportation -
All about traveling on Texas Highways
Texas Golf on the World Wide Web -
Course of the Month - Course Directory - Tournament Calendar + Helpful Information
Texas Monthly - ..
The magazine of Texas
Texas - Window on State Government -
John Sharp - Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Texas A&M Meteorology Weather Center -
U.S. Gazetteer -
Census Data about the Fort Worth area published by the US Government.

Architects -

American Institute of Architects - ..

Building Cost -

Marshall & Swift -
Providing current and informative building cost information. Maintains the Largest Database of Building Costs for two distinctive types of cost methodologies.

Dallas / Fort Worth Cities

Dallas / Fort Worth Cities -
Courtesy of Yahoo. All the cities in the DFW area.

Homes & Land Electronic Magazine -

Homes & Land and Rental Guide. This is a very helpful site.

Homes & Land Electronic Magazine Real Estate Center -
The Largest Real Estate Center on the Internet with over 250,000 Homes & Apartments, plus helpful information.

Harmon Homes -

The Nation's Leading Real Estate Internet Listings and Magazine.

Harmon Homes Online -
Welcome to Harmon Publishing, the source of the largest database of homes for sale in the U.S.

Home Buyer's Guide

HomeBuyer's Guide Online -
Featuring new homes for sale, builders and realtors in more than 600 new home communities.

Legal Information

Hancock & McGill, L.L.P.
Austin - Buy, Sell or Build a Home - Buy or Sell Investment Real Estate - Exchanging Investment Real Estate + other valuable Information -

Real Estate information for both the Realtor and the Consumer -
The Official Internet Site of the National Association of Realtors.

The Realty Engine -

Lots of very useful information

The Realty Engine (tm) -
The Web's Premier Real Estate Source Page.

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