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Fun Sites

A Thousand Points of Sites ..
A 1000 sites, but each one is a surprise.
1000 points of the Internet ..
1,000 Interesting Web sites. Something to do during a rainy day.
25 Best Online Offers -
This is a fun site to browser. Online-oriented incentives, offers & sweepstakes
Authoritative Actor/Actress Web Server
Current Information on Actors & Actresses.
Cool Site of the Day
Fire Walking
Levis - The Wide World of Levi's
This is a fun site
MaMaMedia - Fun for Kids ........and the Family
Matchmaker Electronic Pen-Pal Network
Sneaker Nation
All the information that you will ever need
about Sneakers
Star Wars Trilogy Official Website
The Mother of all Humor Archives
Tombstone Tourist
Interesting World-Wide Gravesites

Helpful Sites

American Airlines Net SAAver Fares -
Subscribe to American Airlines Net SAAave Fares E-mail List.
American Airlines Net SAAver International Fares -
Subscribe to American Airlines Net SAAver International Fares E-mail List.
Acronym and Abbreviation list -
World Wide Web Acronym & Abbreviation Server
American Business Information
Search 88 Million Households & 10 Million Businesses
Amazon Books -
Search One Million Titles. Discount Prices.
America's Choice Mall
Shopping on the Internet.
Found Money Homepage
It's your money - Don't abandon it
Kitchen Link - What's Cooking on the Net
Passion for Food, Cooking & Recipe Collecting
Real-Com Public Information from your computer
Web Tour List
Many good sites. Fun to Surf
WhoWhere? Phone Numbers & Addresses

Interesting Sites

Cafe Magazine/History of Coffee and Romance of the Cafe/index ..
World Wide Information on Cyber Cafes
CIO's Feature Forum: Year 2000
Computer-Clock time bomb set to go off at Midnight December 31, 1999
Cyber Café Guide
World Cyber Restaurant & Cafe Guide
Harvard Square, New York & Palo Alto
Cybertown - Main Town
A fun site to Surf
Environment Links
Fab 105FM: Dallas/ Fort Worth
Beatle-Mania !!
Gateway to the Internet
Some interesting Links
Guerrilla Marketing Online
A weekly Web Magazine for small business
Integrity Center Inc.
Employee Background Checks before your Hire.
Lone Star over Texas Expo Center
Stephenville, Texas
Schedule of Events
Miscellaneous Web Sites
Many, many web sites. Fun for a rainy day
The World's leading producer of Technology Television. Computer Chronicles & The Internet Cafe
People Search
Yahoo search for People
Starwave Corporation
Interesting miscellaneous links

Merchandise & Services

100hot shopping websites
Bard Chocolate Company -
The William Shakespeare & the Bard Chocolate Company. United Kingdom.
Dino Jump International - Interactive Inflatables, Amusement Parks, Business Opportunity, Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities -
Manufacturing a "New Generation" of Interactive Inflatables. We Manufacture Excitement.
Earth Creations: Custom Art for Apparel, Wall Hangings, and Floor Coverings -
Mt. Calm, Texas
Free Catalogs from CatalogLink
FTD - The Official Florists Transworld Delivery Internet Service -
Flowers to the USA - Canada - The World
Infoseek's Holiday UltraShop
Happy Holidays
JCPenney Cybershopping & Services
Jewelers of America ..
OATS On-line Catalog - Tee Shirts
Pacific Coast Down Comforters & Pillows -
Stay fluffy the Longest. Secure on-line shopping
Texas Agricultural Extension Service
Gopher Server for Texas
Whole Foods Market -
Virtual Flowers - Send Flowers around the World

Red, White & Blue

All American

History of the American Flag
Respect the American Flag
American As Apple Pie
American Products
Baby Ruth
Candy Wrapper Collection
Jelly Belly Online - "The original gourmet jelly bean"®
Hi, I'm Mr. Jelly Belly and I'll be your guide.
Levis - The Wide World of Levi's
This is a fun site
One Nation Under God E-Newsletter -
An E-mail Newsletter on America's Christian Heritage
Snickers Global Homepage
St. Nicks - Christmas & Holiday Items, Ornaments and Collectibles
Tootsie Roll Midgees -
Just a nice picture

American Giants

Managed Services - Managed Better
ARCO - Atlantic Richfield -
A global corporation operating in all aspects of the energy business.
Bell Atlantic Showcase
Budweiser ..
The King of Beers
Burlington Northern Santa Fe -
BNSF owns one of the largest rail networks in the United States, with more than 31,000 route miles covering 27 states and two Canadian provinces.
Chevron Corporation Welcome Page
CITGO Petroleum -
DuPont - Better Things for Better Living
Electronic Data Systems Corporation - EDS -
Exxon Corporation
Petro Fina is an international oil and chemical group active in all sectors of the oil industry.
General Motors
Halliburton -
IBM Corporation
Jack Daniel Distillery
J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated
Merck & Co., Inc.
3M Innovation Network - Global
Mobil -
Nations Bank
Nabisco - America's Favorite Food Company -
Welcome to the Nabisco Neighborhood
Oryx Energy Company -
Phillips Petroleum Company -
Proctor & Gamble
Texas Instruments
United Technologies
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Whirlpool Corporation -

Restaruants, etc.

Baskin-Robbins Where Wonders Never Cease
Billy Miner's Saloon
Burger King Corporation
Domino's Pizza
Good Eats Grill -
Hooters ..
Jason's Deli -
So good you can almost taste it Online
KFC - Colonel Sanders
Outback Steakhouse
Papa John's Pizza
Red Lobster - Welcome To The Wharf
Rodeo Steakhouse
T.G.I.Friday's Worldwide

Retail Stores

Ace Hardware
Best Buy -
Just the store you've been shopping for.
Blockbuster Entertainment
Borders -
Books * Music * Cafe
Circuit City Audio, Video, Computers, Appliances, Car Stereo, Personal Electronics -
Circuit City Online - Price * Selection * Service
Container Store -
Dayton Hudson Family of Stores
Dillards Department Stores -
Federated Department Stores
Home Depot
JC Penney
Kmart -
May Department Stores
Neiman Marcus -
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
Tandy Corporation
Target -
Toys 'R' Us
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Whole Foods Market -

Globe Trotting

Australia Cool Site
Interesting Australian Sites.
Cool Works - Seasonal Jobs in National Parks, Ski Resorts & More -
Check out what it takes to live and work in the kinds of places that most people only get to visit.
Escati Notice Board - Thailand
Interesting Site
Master Lokman's Home Page - Malaysia

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