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Around the House & In the Kitchen

Interesting Sites -

Almanac -
Welcome to Almanac. The epitome of folksiness, down-home wisdom and Americana. It's The Old Farmer's Almanac, which has been a part of the American scene since George Washington's second term.
Beauty, Skin Care, Hair, Cosmetics Sites & Links -
Cloudburst Misting Systems -
Mist & Cool - Catalog of Outdoor Cooling Products.

Consumer Information Center -

Consumer Information Center -
Pueblo, Colorado. Hundreds of the best federal consumer publications available. All are FREE.

Consumer Product Safety Commission -
An indepentdent Federal regulatory agency, helps keep American families safe in their homes by reducing the risk of injury or death from consumer products
JCPenney Online Coupons -
A great way to save $$$$$$$
LivingHome -
Something NEW every day. Gardening - Remodeling - Decorating - Design
Maytag -
Appliances for your home.
Microsoft Home Office = Get that junk out of the garage! Have a garage sale
Microsoft Reference = Get your household jobs done before the sun comes out
National Lead Information Center -
Information on Lead Poisoning
National Trust for Historic Preservation -
The past builds the future.
Old Farmer's Almanac -
Useful information for people in all walks of life. Tide tables,sunrise tables, planting charts, recipes, weather predictions etc.
Resources for Seniors -
International Community of Computer-Using Seniors
Whirlpool Corporation -
Great Ideas for Around the House and In the Kitchen
Women's Channel - Fashion, Hobbies/Crafts, Lifestyle, Workplace -

Pets -

Dr. Jim's Virtual Veterinary Clinic
Farnam Pet Care Center - Fleas STOP Here -
More places for Pet Lovers. Everything you've been itching to know about fleas
.....but were afraid to scratch
Fish Link Central -
The Internet's Largest Collection of Fish Web Sites
Invisible Fencing Pet Site -
Where responsible pet owners gather for information and fun. And where you can find the best-kept pet secrets on the Web.
PetStation -
All about animals of every shape and size.
Purina Pet Care Center -
Wonderful pet site

Bob Vila's Home Site -

Bob Vila's Home Site -
Bob Villa's homesite brings you the most comprehensive, instructive and timely resource for home repair, renovation, and design information available.

Home Improvements -

Home Automation Systems -
Animate Your Home. A wonderful site for finding home electronics such as security alarms, video cameras, etc., all for your home's protection.
Home Improvement Links -
Home Improvement Net Tips -
NetTips gives you up-to-date information you can use anytime, about products and services to help you maintain and upgrade the value of your home.
Home Improvement and Repair from Hometime -
Real People - Real Projects. Very helpful information for projections around the house.
Covers everything from Decks & Patios to Home Maintenance.
Stainmaster -
Stainmaster website. Helps keep your carpet clean.

Home Repairs -

Eagle Home Services - ..
Helpful links for around the House
Fixit Home Page -
Home improvement via the web.
MisterFixit -
Brother Bob's Fix-it Shop. If it's broke, Bob can fix it.
Plumbing Essential Repairs - Home Automation Systems -
Buy a program that shows you how to fix your own plumming. $9.95

In the Kitchen -


Barbecue'n On The Internet - ..
Everything that you need to know about BBQ
Phamous Phloyd's Barbeque BBQ Gourmet Food, Mustard, Sauces, Bar-B-Que, Hot Sauce, Marinade -
Phamous Phloyd's phoods and giphts.
Texas BBQ - Prime Cuts - ..
Home of good Barbecue and a red checkered table cloth - EAT MORE BAR-B-QUE

Digital Chef -

In Partnership with The Culinary Institute of America.

Digital Chef -
We bring you the world of cooking with recipes, training and on-line shopping. Explore and indulgbe your passion for food. Try it now's free.

Drink -

Beverage Channel -

Beverage Channel - Beer, Wine, Spirits, Coffee, Tea, Non-Alcohol -
Everything you need to know about beer, wine, distilled spirits, non-alcoholic beverages plus coffe , tea and lots of recipes.

French Drinks Reader -
A dictionary of words for French foods.
Fuji Publishing Group Wine Page - ..
Gevalia« Kaffe - Fine Coffee -
If you want coffee, you're sure to find some here.
Italian Drinks Reader -
A dictionary of Italian words for foods.
JavaLink - Ye Olde Internet Cafe & Coffee Resource Page -
A guided tour of coffee sites around the world.
Raymond Vineyard & Cellar - St. Helena, CA -
Fine wines from St. Helena, CA.
World Wine Web -
Wines from everywhere. Many interesting links.

Food -

Every kind of food you can imagine.

Affi's Marin Gourmet -
These products turn any simple dish into a truly healthy gourmet treat.
Arturo's Maui Onion Salsa -
Meet Arturo's. Makers of genuine 100% Maui Onion Salsa.
Autin's Cajun Smoke Factory -
High-Quality & Authentic Cajun Food Products
Buckeye Beans & Herbs, Inc. -
Many great recipes (generally western and mexican foods)
California Avocado -
Everything that you would want to
know about the Avocado
Campbell Soup Company -
What's New - Recipes - Menu Planning - Family of Brands - Guestbook
Chez Ian - A culinary experience -
A Wonderful site for gourmet French foods.
Cooking and Recipes - ..
Some interesting Recipes + Food FAQ & weights/measures conversion file.
Cook's Garden -
Seeds & Supplies for the New American Kitchen Garden
Empty Kitchen Cookbook -
The world's first cookbook that tells you what to fix for dinner when you don't have anything.
Epicurious Food -
The Taste of the Web for People who Eat. Whether you need a recipe for Chinese almond cakes or want to get from the airport to downtown Shanghai, you've come to the right place.
Exotic Foods Processing -
Exotic Foods Processing has specialized in producing a small but unique range of fine foods fro the adventurous and discerning customer.
Favorite Recipes from TexasUSA -
1st Traveler's Choice Internet Cookbook featuring Recipes from Innkeepers, Restaurateurs, and Gourmet Food Specialists: Culinary Professionals share their Secrets with hundreds of recipes -
Need ideas on what to serve your family or friends tonight. Here are 100's of delicious recipes from culinarily-gifted professionals with great additions to your repertoire.
Food & Drink by Nerd World -
Some Crazy Food & Drink Links
Food & Wine -
Interesting Food & Wine Sites
Gourmet Food Zine -
The Great Taste of the World
Gourmet Guide -
Electronic Food recipes & information
Internet Chef On-Line Magazine -
The Internet Chef is an electronic archive dedicated to the worship of food. If you are looking for cooking ideas you'll find them here.
Internet Food Channel -
A little bit of everything
Jones Dairy Farm -
Jones Sausage. The secret to great Bed & Breakfast recipes.
Kitchen Link
Your guide to what's cooking on the Net.
Including Restaurant Reviews.
Mama's Cookbook -
"A million" delicious Italian recipes.
Mama's Dining Room -
Hungry? Try Mama's Italian.
Mega Bite's Top 10% Cooking Sites -
Some hot cookers!
Mimi's Cyber Kitchen -
Mimi has a reallybig site. Good if you're hungry.
Nieman - Marcus -
Check out Nieman - Marcus for some interesting ideas on food.
Pie Recipes -
Indeed, pie recipes galore.
Recipes -
Connects you to hundreds of sites with recipes.
Recipe Database -
From Nieman - Marcus Cookies to Hot Christmas Punch
YumYum! -
YumYum has food and fun.
Rag˙ Product Information -
Ragu Product Information
Schroeders Bakery -
"Simply Great Baked Goods"
TexMex Recipes - Gopher Menu -
TexMex Recipes

Texas Cooking -

Texas Cooking Magazine - For Cooks And Other Hungry People -

TexasUSA Farm-fresh Salsa -
Farm-fresh Salsa. Check it out.
TexasUSA Recipes - Honey -
A delicious looking site. You can almost smell it.
Veggies Unite -
Your on-line guide to vegetarianism
Watermelons - All About the Watermelon Industry -
Marketing Watermelons to the World.
What's Cooking Recipes -
Quick and Easy ideas.


Chili Fat Free Receipes
Chili Gazette
Many Chili + HOT Recipes
Chile - Heads -
Almost everything you might want to know about Chile Peppers is here.
Chili Party Invitation
Chile Pepper Magazine
Chili Recipes
Chilis from Seed to Spicerack
Green Chili Association
Green Chili Association
RichZ's Official Chili page
TexasUSA Green Chili Chili -
Turkey and Vegetable Chili
White Chili

Food - Food - Food & Drink -

Global Town's -
Food & Drink. Food, Food, Food, glorious food.... not to mention beer, wine, coffee and chocolate.

In the Yard & Garden -

Ask Earl, The Yard-Care Answer Guy -
If you need the answer about your yard, ask Earl. He has the answer.
The Gardening Archive -
A plethora of gardening information.
The Garden Gate -
Gardening information.
Garden Links -
Many links on gardening.
Garden Net - Premier Garden Center -
"The Premier Garden Center" on the internet.
Gardening Launch Pad -
Over 1300 gardening links.
GardenNet's The Ardent Gardener
GardenWeb -
Much gardening information.
Gardening Links -
Greater North Texas Orchid Society -
Greenhouses Sources -
Builders of Greenhouses
Green-Thumb Corner -
Gardening information.
Mircosoft Reference = Planning Your Garden
Old Farmer's Almanac -
The Gardener's Companion.
Tree Doctor -
If your tree is sick, call the Tree Doctor.
Vegetable Gardening Handbook -
Your guide to growing vegetables.
Ohio State University Yard and Garden -
The Ohio State University yard and garden website. It's great.

Popular Mechanics -

Popular Mechanics -
Getting things done around the House.

Around the Country

Brownies Brownies Brownies - Joan & Annie's Brownies - Rich ultra fudgy chocolaty homemade gourmet food
Garden Net - Premier Garden Center
Guide to Gardens of the USA, By State
Louie Mueller's Barbeque, Taylor, Texas - ..
Established in the mid 1940's as a way to sell the meats that were not sold in Mueller's Grocery Store. The first location was a small tin shed in the alley behind the store.
Mother Nature's General Store
The largest on the Internet

Mail Order Catalog's

Free Catalogs from CatalogLink -
Free Catalogs on a variety of items. Very good resource site.
Catalog Guide
Catalog's - Yahoo Search Results
Company Catalogs (Search) -
Over 350 Catalogs
Jewels of the Silk Road-featuring unusual unique jewelry gifts imported from countries and regions along the famous Silk Road once traveled by Marco Polo.
Lands' End, Inc.
Outfit everyone in comfort at comfortable Direct Merchant prices
OATS On-line Catalog - Tee Shirts
Picnics - Retail - Paia, Maui, Hawaii
Pineapple Papaya Jam - Mango Chutney - Maui Onion Mustard. Same products that have been made and served at Picnics for the past 18 years.
Pioneer Western Manufacturing Co. Online Catalog -
Schroeders Bakery - Buffalo, NY - ..
Simply Great Baked Goods. Mail Order Cakes and Gifts. On Line Coupons.
Shopping Online -
English & Japanese
Taco Loco - Alaska's Tortilla & Corn Chip Factory - Mexican Food Products
We carry all the Ingredients to make Your Own Enchiladas.
Texas Cheese - ..
Home of Stryk Jersey Farm and the Strykly Texas Cheese Company - Schulenburg, Texas. Share a little Texas cheese with all you friends and family by sending them one of our wonderful cheese baskets.
The Salt Lick -
Open Pit BBQ. Driftwood, Texas
Triangle Billiards & Barstools -
Buyers Guide and Superstore. Showcasing the Finest Names in Billiard Tables, Cues, Tabel Lighting and Accessories.
Ulness Lefse Bakery
Evanston, Wyoming

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