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Informative Sites

Net Talk Live -

NetTalk Live - The Internet Talkshow -
The Worlds Best LIVE Triplecast
Cast Page -
Here you will find all the deep dark secrets about Net Talk Live
NetTalk Live -
Information about Net Talk Live
NetTalk Live - Chat -
Talk Live on NetTalk!
NetTalk Live - Newbie University -
Sign up on NetTalk Newbie University and learn everything you need to know about the internet.
NetTalk Live - Webs -
This Weeks Hot Sites
NetTalk Live - Surf -
Here you will find the essentials for surfing the World Wide Web
NetTalk Live - Cool Stuff -
Get cool stuff like tee's, jackets, coffee, mugs, etc.
NetTalk Live - Mail -
NetTalk Live is the World's First Triplecast. Net Talk was originally broadcast over the Radio on 570 KLIF and via the internet through Audionet. Now NetTalk Live has become a Live television show, making NETTALK LIVE the world's First TRIPLECAST!

A Complete Web Guide -
Provides brief explanations and a few high quality links for a broad range of topics.
Found particularly useful!
Apple Support and Information Web -
Don't go here!
CARL Corporation -
A Knight-Ridder Information Company. Online article delivery service, a table of contents database and a keyword index to approximately 17,000 periodicals.
Complete Web Guide - Submit All (Search Engines) -
A great guide to the Web.
Computer Museum Network -
Learn about computers and have fun at the same time.
Creating Net Sites -
Learn how to create your own web page.
CyberAtlas -
Provides some great information about the web.
Dan's Internet Training Page - ..
Let Dan Chaney teach you the internet. Classes are available via OSU in this informative site.
Ernest Ackermann's Home Page - ..
Let Ernie, the professer at the Mary Washington College, teach you the internet.
Eudora - Email Software -
Surf Eudora. - HOME -
An excellent site ranging in topics from Manage Your Money to On top of Spaghetti.
If you're in a family Go here!
Games Domain - Games Games Games Games -
You want video games? This is the place to be!
GeoCities Heartland Neighborhood -
A family-oriented neighborhood that represents Main Street in cyberspace. This is the place to find parenting, pets and home-town values.
Internet Scout Report -
InterNIC weekly publication offered as a fast, convenient way to stay informed about selected new and newly-discovered Internet resources
Learning to Use the Internet WWW Page -
Inside Ernie Ackermann's web page. This professer will show you how to use the internet.
Lmao Co. Bookmarks -
Some great links. Helpful and Interesting.
LookSmart - exploring LookSmart -
A lot of "everything". Many helpful and interesting links.
Marcīs Apple-Links -
Do you need Macintosh information? Here is a great site!
Microsoft Library -
Microsoft's Cyberlibrary.
Microsoft Magazine -
Everything you want to know about Microsoft Magazine.
Multicom Publishing, Inc. -
A CD-ROM store via the internet.
Netscape | Destinations
Netscape Navigator Handbook -
Netscape information and tutorial.
Newbies Net Guide -
Good, quick overview of helpful information about the Internet.
Pegasus - ..
Wow - One Heck of a site. Really gets into it
Progressive Networks, The Home of RealAudio -
RealAudio home page. See the Sites and Sounds.
Project Galactic Guide Archives Table of Contents -
Many, many interesting links about the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form -
Web-searchable interface to the 1991 ed.
Rose's Everything Links -
You will find over 700 Background links as well as over 400 Gif Animations made by people all over the net. These free downloads make excellent backgrounds.
Sociology Virtual Library -
An excellent place to find thousands of resources related to sociology, including journals, newsletters, research centers, directories and more
Starting Point -
Everything you need to work the Web
.......Every Day
TipWorld -
The Internet's #1 Source for Computer Tips, News and Gossip
Women's Studies Resources -
Augsburg College
ZD Net - Hardware, Software & Internet Information -
ZDNet is here.
100 hot applications -
Applications ranked objectively using web traffic

Fun Sites -

100hot live audio websites -
Many interesting links.
100hot Websites -
Links to everything that is hot.

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