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Texas Genealogy

Brazos Genealogical Association -
Many helpful links
Dallas Genealogical Society -
One of Texas most active family history organizations
Family History Library -
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Guide to researching Texas ancestors
Library of Congress - Genealogy -
Over 300 titles relating to Texas genealogy
Political Graveyard
Texas in Congress. Index of Politicians by Office Held
Texas Genealogy Register -
Service for researching early Texas families
Texas GenWeb Genealogy -
Information about an online genealogy network in Texas
Texas State Library Collections -
Family history holdings at the Texas State Library.
Texas Surnames By Kraig Ruckel -
List of surnames and email addresses of researchers tracking them
The Genealogy Calendar -
Numerous upcoming events taking place across Texas

Library of Congress

Library of Congress -
Helpful for finding information

Acadian History and Genealogy -

Acadian History and Genealogy -
The first formal French settlement in North America was founded at Port-Royal, Nova Scotia in 1605. The settlers were forced to return to France in August of 1607, but came back to Port-Royal in 1609

Ancestry Search Database -

Ancestry Search - Database Search Index
Search the largest collecton of FREE Genealogy Data on the Web

Appalachian Center - Kentucky

Appalachian Center at University of Kentucky -
Appalachian Kentucky, the mountain region, its history and people.

Family Tree -

Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site -
The place to find and share your family history.

LDS Web Links -

LDS WebLinks - LDS Resources on the Internet -
Links to sites about the Church of Jesus Chrtist of Latter-day saints and its members.

Mayflower -

Alphabetical Listing of Mayflower Passengers
A complete passenger list for the Mayflower.

Genealogy & Adoption Sites -

Links to Genealogy & Adoption Sites -
Many Helpful Links -

Genealogy Links -

A Barrel of Genealogy Links

A Barrel of Genealogy Links -
A list of bookmarks for access to various genealogy related WWW resources, sites and homepages.

Genealogy Resources on the Internet -

Genealogy Resources on the Internet -

Irish Family History Foundation -

Irish Family History Foundation -
Your gatreway to discovering all about your Irish ancestry, roots, genealogy and family history from anywhere in Ireland.

RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative -

RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative -
To make large volumes of data available to the online genealogical community at minimal cost.

Treasure Maps -

Treasure Maps - the How-to Genealogy Site -
Subscribe for FREE Treasure Maps Genealogy E-Mail Newsletter.

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