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Computer & Software Information

Computer Companies, Stores & Services

Apple -

Apple Computer
Apple Support Information -
Info-Mac Home Page -
Home of the Largest Macintosh Software Collection in the World.
TidBITS Electronic Publishing -
We Sharpen the Cutting Edge. A free weekly, electronic publication that covers news and views relating to the Macintosh and the Internet.
The Well Connected Mac -
Your online guide to everything Macintosh including FAQ list. Great Mac info site.

EvangeList - Apple, Macintosh and Newton
AST Computer's
Compaq Online
CompUSA -
The Virtual Computer Superstore.
Computer City -
Hot Deals in the City.
Data General -
The future of SMP Architecture
Dell Computers
Digital Equipment
Gateway 2000
Hewlett Packard
IBM Corporation
Lucky Computers
Addison, Arlington, Hurst & Richardson
Mitsuba Computers -
A name to remember - Working for you.
Phelps Resources - Peace of Mind with your PC needs ..
Philips Mobile Computing Group -
Phillips-Magnavox the Velo handheld PC. Carrying your work around has never been easier.
Sharp Electronics
Sony Computing - ..
Sony Electronics Online.
Sun Microsystems
Work Stations - Java
Toshiba Computer Systems Division - ..
When you're ready for a different computer.

Computer Magazine's and News -

Computer Magazine Links -
Cobb Group -
The World's Largest Provider of Tips and Secrets for Computer Users.

Computer Shopper - NetBuyer -

Compare thousands of computer products, read Ziff-Davis product reviews and buy from over 100 leading vendors.

NetBuyer -
Search, Compare & Buy. All computer products listed in easy-to-search categories. Get Buying Advice + Vendor Special Offers.

Computer Vendor & Computer Related Sites -

Links to Computer Vendor & Computer Realted Sites & Pages -

DirecPC -

DirecPC -
400 kbps - Three times faster than ISDN and fourteen times faster than a standard 28.8 modem. Light years faster than a 14.4 modem. The lightning speed of DirecPC is due to its advanced Satellite Technology.

Hardware, Software & Hot Web Tech Sites

100hot Tech websites
edith frost | software -
Helpful Software Links.
Hardware & Software Help
Information on Hardware & Software
Lucent Technologies
Netscape Communicator
Software Drivers -
Helpful Links
U.Vision Hardware and Software Computer Search
250,000 prices for some 45,000 computer-related products
Western Digital Corporation - Hard Drives - ..
Put your LIfe on it. The World's most recommended hard drives.

Mirabilis -

The Dial Tone of the Internet. This software is a must. Both the sender and the receiver must have the ICQ software. This is a must for communicating with your friends throughout the World.

Mirabilis LTD. - FrontPage -
This Software is a MUST. Would you like to know if your Friends & Associates are surfing the NET - Right Now ! ICQ does everything for you. You can chat, send messages and files, play games or use it as the perfect business tool to find and contact associates in realtime through the Internet.

Monitors -

Princeton Graphics -
High-resolution color and full-motion video Monitor. Check out the Monitor Diagnostic Utility.

Intel -

Intel -
Home of the Pentium Processor
Intel - Custom News for you
Intel - Customer Technical Support
Intel Networking Products - Whats New
Intel On-line Registration - Stay in the Loop
Intel Press Room

Lotus -

Lotus Development Corporation -
Work the Web
Lotus Domino -
Domino is a new Internet software product from Lotus. Technically, Domino is a web server and a web development environment. Domino dramatically speeds the development of business websites. It is a web server that already has appplications running.

Microsoft -

Resources for Microsoft and Microsoft Support on the Web

MSN Welcome to the Internet
Microsoft Support Options - Where do you want to GO Today ? -
Microsoft has a variety of support and services online to help you get the most out of your MS products. Choose the one that's best for you.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer -
All About Internet Explorer for Windows 3.1
Microsoft Internet Explorer -
Learn about Internet Explorer for Windows 95
Microsoft Internet Explorer Starter Kit -
Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT and Macintosh. Comes packed with Internet extras so you can make the most out of the Internet.

Microsoft Personal Computing -

Microsoft Personal Computing -
Microsoft Magazine.

Microsoft Products -

For quick answers to questions about Microsoft products

Microsoft Bookshelf
Microsoft FrontPage 97 Tour -
FrontPage 97 Buyer's Checklist
MS Home Office = Financial Series, Part One: Getting your records together
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Office 97
Microsoft Office 97 - **
Migration Guidelines and Information.
Microsoft Office 97 Online -
Preview Online and Web Features in Microsoft Office 97
Microsoft Office -
Get the latest news on MS office
Micrsoft Office Compatible
Microsoft Office Product Information
Microsoft Office Web Site
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Schedule+
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Works
Microsoft Works FAQ
Q & A Works version 3.0 & Windows 95
Do It With Microsoft Office Subscription Offer
Do It With Windows 95 Subscription Offer

Microsoft Support -

For quick answers to questions about Microsoft support.

Microsoft Support Online Windows 95 Software Library -
Help Files, Service Packs & Other Files.
Microsoft Support Wizard -
Choose a Microsoft product or technology and find out what's new with that product - troubleshoot a problem - download a driver, patch or application note - or learn about Microsoft's support options.
Microsoft Technical Support -
Support Options & Phone Numbers. This support directory outlines the support options available from both Microsoft and Third Party strategic partnerships to help you get the most from your Microsoft software.
Microsoft Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions
Our Support Engineers have identified the questions they hear most often. After you select a product and click Next, you will see a collection of commonly asked questions and answers on that product.
Microsoft Technical Support Knowledge Base -
In-depth answers to specific product problems. On this site you can select a product and specific keywords to narrow your search. For example, you could select Miscrsoft Office and enter the keyword "installation" to find all the tips about installing Miscrosoft Office.
Microsoft Technical Support Feature Articles -
Longer tips and articles accessible from the product pull-down menu. For example, if you click Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can read the article "Connecting to the Internet with Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking"
Microsoft Technical Support Troubleshooters -
Takes you step by step through a series of questions to pinpoint your particular problem. At each step, you simply check the option that describes your situation until you have a possible solution.
Microsoft Technical Support Software Library -
Download drivers, patches, and sample files free.
Microsoft Technical Support Newsgroups -
With these peer-to-peer newsgroups, you can interact with other Microsoft product users including Microsft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). Also, you can use any newsreader software to access these newsgroups - however, we suggest using Internet Mail and News.
Microsoft Technical Support Web Response -
If you still need an answer after trying all the options on the Microsoft Technical Support Web pages, you can try Web Response, an online, Web-based, technical support delivery service. Options are available.

Microsoft Try It -

Microsoft Try It = Trials, Downloads, Add-ins, and Promotions

Dierk's Page -

Dierk's page -
Animated cursors for Win95/NT. Deutsch & English

Ray's Win95 Support -

Ray's Win95 Support, Upgrades and Fixes -
This site contains a wealth of resources for the Windows 95 user.

Netscape Navigator -

Netscape Tutorial -
A step-by-step tutorial on how to use one of the finest World Wide Web Browsers available
Netscape Navigator 3.0 -
The newest release of the World's most popular Internet client, lets users access and share information on the Internet in a easy-to-use environment.
Netscape Navigator 3.0 + Subscription -
Available for new purchasers - $66 US - Ensures that you'll always be using the newest Navigator version by providing you with a year's worth of upgrades.
Netscape Navigator Upgrade and Subscription -
A Netscape Software Subscription ensures that you're using the newest Navigator - by providing you with a year's worth of upgrades. ( $39 US)
Netscape Navigator Software Subscription + Power Pack 2.0 -
Stay on the cutting edge with a year's worth of Navigator upgrades, plus 50 percent off Power Pack, which extends the Navigator's capabilities. You can spell-check your Netscape email, protect your computer from viruses and organize bookmarks more effectively.
Netscape Navigator Subscription Renewal -
Renewal is for current Subscribers only. ($17 US). Renewing ensures that you will continue to be entitled to download Netscape Communicator when released, as well as all major and minor upgrades released within one year of your Subscription renewal.
General Store | Navigators -
Delivers an award-winning combination of speed and functionality. Experience richer content through new multimedia and collaboration features.
General Store | Server Solutions | Servers -
Southwestern Bell - Download Netscape Navigator -
Download the latest version of our customized Netscape Navigator browser and dialer software.

Printers - Copiers - Faxes -

EPSON - ..
Hewlett-Packard Printers - ..
Minolta - ..
Welcome to the Mind of Minolta. Copiers and Printers.
Teubner and Associates, Inc - ..
Management of inbound faxes.

USRobotics -

U.S.Robotics -
For complete end to end information access solutions our products allow people to access, manage and share data, fax and voice information
U.S. Robotics- x2 Technology -
New X2 Products offer low cost of Entry into 56K market. Find an Internet Service Provider that's Live with x2 Technology.

Important Modem Information -

If you are selecting an Internet Service Provider, it is very important that you select an ISD that supports the new x2 Technology. (56K modem speed) It is recommended that you go to Click on Find an Internet Service Provider that's LIVE with x2 Technology. It is not recommended that you select an ISP that does not support x2.
If you have not purchased a Modem yet, the US Robotics x2 56.6 modem speed is suggested. This will keep you ahead of the Technology Curve. It is also recommended that you purchase an External and not an Internal modem.

Software + Miscellaneous

How to Download Software -

C/Net ....beginner's guide to downloading -
Courtesy of Matt Lake, Maida Stupski, and Jack Germain ...Gamer X Luckily, downloading is easy go understand. There are some variations to process--based on the type of computer you're using, which operation system it runs, and what software you use to access the World Wide Web --but overall it's pretty straightforward stuff. And we've got it all mapped out for you here in a five-step process.
How to Download Software -
Site courtesy of Gower.Net

Software -

FREE - Software
Shareware - the way to find shareware on the Internet - ..
Delivering brand name software via the Internet.

Adobe Systems
Advance Micro Devices
Advance Micro Devices. Accessing, Processing & Communicating
American Power Conversion
The world's most reliable power protection
Ameritech-Your Link to Better Communication
Ascend Communications
High-Speed Network Access Products
Autodesk -
Autodesk develops desktop osftware solutions to help you design, visualize, build and manage the world around you.
Broderbund Software, Inc. -
Claris - Simply Powerful Software -
If you can click a mouse, you can create a Web page.
Corel Corporation
Corel Draw & Word Perfect
Corel Magazine - USA
Corel Magazine - German, Austria & Switzerland
Creative Zone - ..
This web site is dedicated to all multimedia enthusiasts, professionals, gamers, musicians and designers.
"CYBER-TIME" - Billing / Timing / Security / Monitoring / Tracking / Advertising / Accounting - Network Management Software
Total Security for Cyber Cafe Computers.
Cyrix Processors & PC Systems
Quarterdeck - ProComm Plus - CleanSweep
DocuMagix Online - Developers of PaperMaster, HotPage and HotMap
EMC Home Page
Enterprise Storage & Information Access.
Gaia Company -
Handheld applications based on handheld hardware
In Focus Systems
Multimedia Projection Systems
Internet Explorer for Macintosh
Ipswitch - Internetworking Software Solutions -
Windows based software for the Internet and Corporate Intranets.
Ipswitch Index -
Internetworking Software Solutions
Live Picture - ..
Live Picture Showcases Leading-Edge Imaging Products and Solutions.
Moon Valley Software
Internet Software for Customizing your Desktop
Novell World Wide
Networking Products
Oracle Corporation
Enabling the Information Age
Passport Designs - Music Software
Peritus Software Services, Inc. -
Experts in Software Maintenance. There's a Better Way to Choose the Best Year 2000 Solution.
Play, Incorporated - Snappy - Trinity - ..
Snappy is the amazing new invention that puts pictures of ANYTHING into your PC.
Rainbow Technologies -
Provider of Software Protection products
Robo Surfer - The Ultimate Offline Browser -
Robo Surfer Searches and Surfs the Internet for You.
Seattle Lab World Wide Web Site -
Handles large development projects, converts existing software to the NT platform and creates technical products and tools for Windows NT. Markets and services software applications. -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
Catalog of Shareware Software
Silicon Graphics Studio Page
Technology for Entertainment
Silicon Surf
Silicon Graphics information for Computer Systems
Starfish Software - Starfish Internet Productivity Pack
Manage all your activities, online and off, with this powerful productivity package.
StorageTek Home Page
Data Storage Solutions.
Sunnhyside Computing
Quartermaster www cataloging system
Symantec Corporation -
Norton AntiVirus - Norton Utilities Norton Your Eyes Only - FastFind - PC Handyman - pcAnywhere - Delrina Winfax Pro
Symantec Café Snow Dome
The fastest way to build Java applets
for the Web
Symantec Visual Café 1.0
Traveling Software, Inc. LAPLINK
File Transfer Software
Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Interenet Software for Downloading
Virtual Open Network Environment Corporation
SmartGATE Secure Environment. Network Security Products.
Stats by WebStats -
Measurements for Success. A unique Statistics service that provides valuable insight into the success of sites on the World Wide Web.
WinShield for Windows® 95
Secure your Desktop.

TechWeb - Techhelper -

The ultimate online help desk, a comprehensive, searchable guide to tech support resources on the Web.

TechHelper -
Find Tech Support Fast. Select a hardware or software category, or enter a description of your problems into our powerful FAQ Database Search.

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