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Rodeo Steakhouse and Billy Miner's Saloon, Fort Worth, Texas. Some of our favorite Music pages.

Texas -

The Lone Star State's a big pasture to graze.

Dillards Ticketing -

Ticketing for Texas and the Surrounding States.

Dillard Ticketing Systems -
Computerized Ticketing for the Arts, Entertainment and Sports. Arizona * Texas * New Mexico * Oklahoma * Nevada

Billy Bob's Texas -

World's largest honky-tonk, bar, country & western entertainment with top stars, shops, games and restaurants. Located in the Stockyards National Historic District.

Billy Bob's Texas -
A favorite for both locals and visitors to Fort Worth. Famous throught-out the World.
Billy Bob's Texas Concerts -
Win Tickets to every Concert from KPLX.
Billy Bob's Texas and the White Elephant Saloon - ..
Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District.

Antone's Nightclub - ..
Founded in 1975 on Austin's famed Sixth Street. Known as Austin's Home of the Blues".
Dallas Entertainment Guide - Local Bands -
DFW Local Area Bands listed alphabetical.
Deep Ellum - Dallas, Texas -
Deep Ellum is the renovated warehouse district located just three blocks east of downtown Dallas. This 170 acres is known as the alternative from the "norm." It is the home of fashion-forward, trend-setting style and the birthplace for many new bands.
DFW Western Clubs - Young Country Radio -
A partial list of well-known Country Clubs in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.
Fab 105 FM: Dallas/ Fort Worth -
Beatle-Mania !!
HEMBROOK Custom Basses and Guitars -
RangeR Bob - Austin, Texas
Space City Rock -
Happy-fun homepage on Music in Houston.
Texas Music Association -
A non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting the development of the Texas Music Industry.

DFW Artists

The Acoustix -
Lend us your ears for a truly captivating evening of outstanding vocal entertainment.
Brave Combo -
Their specialty is a unique blend of domestic and exotic dance rhythms that propel what billboard calls "world-wise, unclassifiable music".
Boxsprings -
Playing the music of people and the land that they love, providing a cultural experience for children, adults, and some of the world's more cognizent animals. Long live the Boxsprings.
Dryver -
Providing those that are curious with up-to-date information on the goings-on of Dryver.
Eric Peel -
Texas Fiddler.
Personal Appearance Schedule - Audio - Video
Kathy Spot -
Kathy Prather Blues Mileu.
Leslie Gail Brooks -
This soul-edged country/blues singer-songwriter from Kentucky has found a new home ... Texas. Moving to Dallas in 1990, via Nashville, with a dozen or more published self-penned songs. Her true love, however, is writing songs and performing with her band, THUNDER.
Nixons -
Headlines . On the Road Again . Notes from the Road . Response . Press . Foma . The Nixons . Bio . Digizone . 100 Mile Fan Club . Nixware . Fan Sites
Hot Original Rock.
Pocket Riders -
DFW Venues + Excerpts from Booker's Arandas =
Rich-Tone Chorus - Richardson, Texas -
Captivating performers who enthusiastically embrace barbershop harmony and transfuse it with their own sassy brand of pizazz.
Tragic Hero-- Guitar-driven Rock-n-Roll at its best -
This is a high-energy, guitar-driven rock-n-roll band from a city that has seen an amazing explosion of musical talent within the last couple of years.
Tripping Daisy -
Biography ^ Tour Dates ^ Greasy Guy


The good old' United State.

American Musicological Society -
WWW Sites of Interest to Musicologists
BluesNet -
Internet's Blues Resource Centre.
Entertainment News Index Page. Total Music News.
Building of Big House -
Tears away the excesses of modern country music and injects a touch of soul into the vocals and a heavy dose of energy into the rhythms.
Cheyenne Outfitters' Country Music Resource Page -
Click on Western Links.
Elvis Presley - Unofficial Page -
FestivalFinder - Music Festivals of North America -
You will discover the latest details on Music Festivals in North America.
House of Blues -
House of Blues requires a Plug-In.
Jerry Clower -
His success has always been attributed to the fact that he's a humorist-a-man who can tell a story in a way that makes it funny-rather than a comedian who relies on a funny punchline.
Jim Carruthers Ministries - Christian Country Music -
The Mountainview Music Group, Nashville, has produced three top ten singles and one number one single. He travels and performs with his nine year old daughter, Jessica. The focus of his ministry is, but not limited to, the cowboy / country way of life.
Knitting Factory -
The first music club to go on-line.
Laurie Anderson's Green Room -
Events . North America . Europe . Stage . Puppet Motel . Theme Park
Mavericks - Music For All Occasions -
The pursuit of entertainment that lead singer and songwriter Raul Malo puts it, is "grand, simple, and fun."
iMusic -
A little bit of everything.
Macreena's Music Links - ..
Many Excellent Music Links. This site is loaded with information and Music sites.
Madonna Fan Club -
I really appreciate all of your love and support, it means more to me than you can imagine.
Neal McCoy -
Would you buy a pair of shoes from this man ? It's the Country Rockin' Rapper, Neal McCoy.
Neil Diamond Web Page Index -
Up to date information on Neil Diamond.
Performance Concert Tours Database -
Search Engine for Concerts.
RockOnTV - Guide To Music On Television -
....the ultimate guide to music on television.
Roughstock's History of Country Music -
This exhibit looks at some of the influential artists and songs of the 1930's through the 1990's era by era. Numerous rare images, sound clips and digital movies
Steve's Massive Country Music RoundUp - ..
Contains links to hundreds of artists' homepages, other country music sites, print media, radio, television and much more, depending on how deep you want to dig.
Ticketmaster -
Box Office * TM Store * Jackpot * Live Lounge * News * TM Travel * Info Central
Ultimate Band List - Its all about the new look -
Tons Tons of Links.

Canada -

The Northern Neighbor of the USA.

Country 105's Top 105 Songs - ..
Top 105 Songs + Some good Links. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Ticketmaster - Canada -
Your Source for Live Entertainment.

World -

Music Around the World.

Australia -
Australian Music Sites * International Music Sites. Some great links.
Australian Artists Online - Greg's Music World -
Your Australian Music Store.
BeatboX -
Vienna, Austria.
Beat Magazine -
Music news from Australia.
BMSNEWS Online -
News and Information from Music City U.S.A.
Chisato Moritaka - Japan -
Chisato Moritaka Information.
Country Home of Germany -
German Only. Das erste deutschsprachige Online - Magazin fur Country Fans.
Country Music - Audio -
Sharons World of Country. This is a great site. Turn on the Audio.
Country Music Association of Australia -
Hit It !!
DJs & Dance Music -
Courtesy of Ford Management Services. "No matter what happens you need music. We need magic and bliss, and power and celebration in our lives, and music is a good way to encapsultate a lot of it". Jerry Garcia (1942-1995). Plenty of great DJ & Dance Music Links.
Eurodance WWW -
Sweden - Top Europe Music Site.
Fly - Music Magazine -
Hip music mag for the UK.
freQ - Index -
Master list of Radio Stations Websites from all over the U.S. and Canada.
IUMA - Internet Underground Music Archive -
Welcome to the Net's first, free hi-fi music archive.
Japan Country -
Japanese & English * Country Songs Database - Country URL's - New Releases
Leningrad Cowboys - True Internjet Story -
Music = Video = Tour = New = Store = History = News = Squard = Sibercard = Cartoon
N2K Inc. -
Provider of online information - Music - Multimedia and Creative Interactivity
Red Hot Country Magazine -
Europe's informative guide to Country Music World-Wide.
Rolling Stones Web Server Guest Book -
Sign your name here and leave us some comments.
Sheet Music Direct - Gateway
The Biz - Entertainment cyberNetwork - Music -
Bizness ^ Feature Articles ^ Columns
W5YI Group - Amateur and Commercial Radio Supersite -
Amateur Radio Licensing . Commercial Radio Licensing . Telecommunication News . Interesting Radio Websites . Joining Our Group

Artist Information -

All of your favorite music artist.

Artist Information -
This is a great site.
Artist Underground -
......the place to discover artists and their music.
Black Crowes -
History - Taller - Recent - Aud/Vid - Tour Info - Discog
Black Crowes ** -
BOA Tapes.
Country Artist Links -
Collectons of Country Artist.
Country Birthday Page -
Birthdays and Other Trivia of Country Personalities. month name group.
Country - Rockabilly - Roots Artists -
Site Courtesy of Edith Frost. This is a great site for your favorite country music artists.
Country Stars -
Places to find information on country music performers. Some sites are "official" some are not.
Dan Polk - Audio -
biography .. sounds .. photots .. merchandise .. update .. discussion
edith frost | country and rockabilly resources -
Miscellaneous Country Music Sites.
Flaming_Barstools -
I'd Really Love To Kill That Guy.
Galactic Cowboys -
Galacitc Cowboys page with sound clips, Java with stuff on Machine Fish, Galactic Cowboys, and Space in Your Face. Tellus!
Horseshoe -
Holy frijolos! It's the Horseshoe Homepage. Horseshoe's critically acclaimed debut albun King of the World can now be ordered online. HorseStories * HorseSongs * HorseShows
Independent Artists and Bands -
Online Artists. Bands by Location + New Arrivals + Cool Extras
Independent Artists Location Index -
IUMA ORBITS this big blue marble with artists from Somalia to Sweden. Go ahead and choose a location.
John Telleria's U2 Web Pages - Audio -
PopMart Tour Info - Photo Tour of U2 - Other U2 images - U2 Fan Listing - Links to other U2 Web Sites.
Julianne's Star List -
Addresses of the biggest country western stars.
Kaleidospace -
Independent Internet Artists.
Larry Joe Taylor -
An accomplished singer & songwriter from Huckabay, Texas, one of the cow capitols of the the great state of Texas
Lefty Frizzell - Honky Tonk Hero -
A music giant. His vocal style, stage presence and delivery of songs has had a profound impact on country music - both on the way it sounds and the way it is expected to be performed.
Local Texas Artists -
A good selection of Texas Artist with more coming almost every day.
Music - Artists - Country and Western -
Courtesy of Yahoo.
Nashville Collection -
Find rare memorabilia from the pioneers of country mustic to the groundbreakers of tomorrow
Mighty Joe Plum - ..
Story . Sound . Look . Time & Place . Buzz . Band
Sawyer Brown -
Down the Road with Sawyer Brown.
Szomie's Tape List -
Hey Now ! Here is my list of live shows on tape. I welcome all trades ....especially looking for Jerry Garcia Band & Bonnie Raitt shows.
Young Country Radio KYNG 105.3 Dallas-Fort Worth -
Look up any Country Artist. Complete biographies of every artist we play. Requires a java browser.

Dance -

.....shut up and start playing the music.

Dance links of Victor Eijkhout -
Many good dance links - Shut up and dance
Wonderful Dance Information Site.
D.J. Rhythms -
Your connection to a world of dance music and DJ'ing.
Energy Online -
The Dance Music Station.
Euro-Dance Hits WWW -
Dance classics ...and more.
NCB and DME Top 50 Crossover -
Dan Miller's National US Dance Charts.
UK - Dance -
Lots of music links, charts and good stuff. A place for people to discuss everything to do with dance music culture in the UK.

Harmony Central -

An attempt to bring together much of the music related items that can be found on the Internet

Harmony Central® Main Menu -
Welcome to The Internet Resource for Musicians.

Hospitality Online -

The best industry-related sites to help Restaurants, Nightclub and Bar owners to stay current. Video * Audio * Digtal * Special Effects.

Entertainment - Music - DJ's -
Courtesy of Restaurant Results .....your source of information for the Entertainment and Nightclub Business.

Moffett Productions -

One of America's leading producers of Radio and Television / Cable Commericals for Car Dealers, Motor Events, Nightclubs, Concerts, Retail Stores, Radio Stations and Special Events.

Moffett Productions, Inc. -
For all of your Radio & Television needs.


Welcome to MTV Online.

MTV Online -
MTV Online features music news, record reviews and so much more in a dazzling package.

Music News Online -

MusicNews Quicklinks.

Music News -
Interviews ~ Features ~ Music News ~ New Releases ~ Cool Music Site ~ Discussions ~ Archive ~ Classifieds

Performance Magazine -

New Dates ** New Search

Performance Magazine -
Performance Concert Tours Database. Looking for a Concert? Type in search criteria.

Pollstar Magazine -

.......The Concert Hotwire

Pollstar The Concert Hotwire -
The Internet's most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date concert tour database. HotStar * Top 40 Gigs & Bytes * Gossip * HyperLinks

Record Companies & Stores -

Decca Records -
Jukebox * Menu * Mail * Check * News * Links * Free Stuff
ETV Network -
The world's largest distributor of Music Video, Sports Video and Children's Video.
Last Beat Records -
Located in Dallas, in the heart of Deep Ellum, with its record label, rehearsal rooms and recording studio on Commerce Street, and its "underground" record store just two blocks away on Elm Street. Our rehearsal studios are availabale to our local bands as well as occasionally leased out for individual projects.
MCA Nashville -
Same Site as Decca Records.
Record Labels -
Site Courtesy of Edith Frost. Record Labels throughout the country.
Sony Music Online -
Wiretap . Live Online . Multimeda . New Releases . Tour . Artist Info . The Vault . World of Sony Music . Cool Links . Storefront . Music on Tap.
Virgin Megastore -
Vienna, Austria

Real Audio Guide -

Audio Net -
The Broadcast Network on the Internet.
AudioNet CD Jukebox - Country -
Live * Guide * Sports * Radio * Business * Events * Music * Interviews * Jukebox * Audio Books * Light Source
Bellingham Radio Museum -
Listen to some old time radio broadcast while viewing the site. History of radio technology, biographies of the people involoved in that history, a timeline of developments. This is a fun site.
Beta Lounge - Welcome -
Get high-voltage breakbeats streamed straight to your brain - from the masters of the mix at the Beta Lounge.
Country Radio Stations on The Net - Using RealAudio -
Strives to keep on top of all new radio stations cybercasting on the net. The page is always being updated.
DeejayCom -
Virtual listening booth in RealAudio.
Gerd's MIDI Pages - The Collection -
Info ~ Try Out ~ Download
PoliceScanner -
Broadcast by AudioNet. Los Angeles and Dallas Police Departments.
RealAudio -
Live and on-demand audio and video for the Internet.
Real Audio Music Menu Page - Wanderer - ..
Best of the 50's & 60's Links.
Timecast -
Your Real Media guide. Real Audio on the Internet
IUMA, Welcome to IUMA -
Welcome to the Net's first, free hi-fi music archive.
Virtual Radio by City -
Real Audio of Radio Stations throughout the USA.
World Wide Web Virtual Library - Audio -
This document contains some pointers to information on computer-based audio sound and associated software available around the world on the World Wide Web.

The World of Music -

Many helpful and informative pages.

Billboard Magazine -
Online Chat Spotlight
CDnow -
Welcome to CD now. Sort by Alphabetically / Release Date. Jump to Imports - Singles - Import Singles - Videos - Books - Links - T-Shirts.
Collectortrax Audio & Video Collectables -
The one stop shop for rare, hard to find items of Garth Brooks & Elvis Presley.
country and rockabilly resources -
Site Courtesy of Edith Frost.
Country Music Magazine -
Brings country music fans stories about today's key artists - both mainstream and on the edge - plus CD reviews, music news, editorials, links to other country music sites on the Web, book reviews, editorials ...and more.
Country Standard Time - Hot links -
This is a resource directory of many country listings on the Web from the famed Bluebird Cafe in Nashville to radio stations to musicians' home pages. A good place to get links to official and unofficial home pages of artists.
Cowboy Music -
Cyber Rodeo - Click on Cowboy Music.
Cowgirl Music -
Cyber Rodeo - Click on Cowgirl Music.
Creative Zone - ..
This web site is dedicated to all multimedia enthusiasts, professionals, gamers, musicians and designers.
CYBERGRASS - The Internet Bluegrass Music Magazine -
The best place on the World Wide Web for bluegrass music information.
D.J. Rhythms -
Many, many Links.
Desperado - Audio - ..
Howlin's Hole Saloon - Jukebox Selections. Turn on your Audio and Enjoy. Hee Ha !
dig that music -
Site Courtesy of Edith Frost.
DiscoWeb -
Many, many Disco Links. These is a great Disco Site.
Encyclopedia of Country Music & Dance -
The Website for the Country Dance Professional.
EuroNet Interest Links : Music -
Worldwide Music Links -
FestivalFinder: Music Festivals of North America -
Connects you with the thousands of music festivals in the USA and Canada.
Golden Oldies -
A Tribute to the greatest living blasts from the past in Texas music.
More concentrated than the leading brand. Music on the Net. Download a free, 25 page ICONOCAST research report about Music on the Net.
History of Country Music -
The only country music history site on the Web, brought to you by the world's #1 Country and Western Site - Roughstock.
House of Zebra -
Music Distribution. The first Open, Distributed, Universal and downright Cool way to find and advertise your music on the net
International Fan Club Organization - Your connection to the Stars -
Dedicated to the promotion of country music artists and affiliated fan clubs world-wide.
Internet Guide to Texas Music -
Alphabetical List.
Jim Lubin's Music Site - ..
Many Interesting Music Sites & Links.
Liquid Audio - meeting CD quality music and software needs of music consumers, audio, recording and mastering professionals -
The Magic Behind the Music. The first Internet company focusing exclusively on the needs of the music industry. We are providing the music industry with the software tools needed to utilize the rapidy growing online environment for the distribution of professional quality music titles. We offer consumers the ability to preview and puchase CD-quality music over the Internet.
Lunatic Fringe of American FM -
Cincinnati's Original Rock-N-Roll Station.
Mammoth Music Meta-List -
Many interesting links.
Media Play of the Day -
Music ~ Software ~ Movies ~ Books
Miller Creek - Audio -
Country Birthday . Montana "Big Sky Country" . Keep It Country
Musi-Cal -
Your gateway to a world full of live music. Musi-Cal provides easy access to the most up-to-date worldwide live music information.
Music - Music - Music -
Many Music & DJ Links.
Music Video -
Connecting Musicians and the Public. There's a new way for aspiring musicians to reach a vast audience. CD Art offers free access to select music videos for viewers and free placement on the Web site for deserving new musicians.
Nashville Collection -
Here at The Nashville Collection you will be able to find rare memorabilia from the pioneers of country music to the groundbreakers of tomorrow.
Nashville Music Link -
A directory of websites relating to or of interest to the Nashville Music Industry.
NetRadio Network -
The Sound of the Internet *** 150 + Audio Channels.
Pixel Park Press - Fort Worth -
Online Store Front for CD's & Cassettes. Freebies, Feature of the Week, Harp, Piano, Dance Band, Folk, Traditional etc.
Radio & Records -
The Industry's Newspaper of the music biz.
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum -
Hear Inductees - Tour Exhibits - Learn What's Happening - Get Visitor Info - Speak your Mind - Play Around - Win Stuff
Rock 'N Oldies, a trip down memory lane -
The Good Times. Remember the days of poodle skirts and black leather jackets ? The hot rod cars, drive in theaters, the jukebox in your favorite malt shop or diner. Lovers lane, mini skirts ...and bell bottom jeans.
Rock n' Roll Reporter -
News from the world of Rock & Roll.
RockOnTV - Guide To Music On Television -
........the ultimate guide to music on television.
Roughstock Country Pages -
Welcome to Roughstock Country. Roughstock Review - COWPIE Lyric and Chord Archive - Country Radio on the Web.
Ticket Trader -
Tickets - Charts - Schedules - Brokers
Top 100 Country Songs of All Time -
The list was generated by asking the readers of "Country America" magazine, for their favorite songs, and then merging these lists with lists from a group of "country music critics".
Twangin'! Country Music - Links -
Places to find out about good country music.
Ultimate Band List - World of Music -
Everything & Anything about Music.
Unofficial Country Music Homepage -
Top 10 - News - Song Clips - Pictures
Warner Bros. Nashville -
The country music division of Warner Bros. Records.
Worldwide Internet Music Resources -
Great Source for Music Internet Links.
The entertaining and informative place to discover up-and-coming musicians. Our database just might help you find a band you've never heard of.

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