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Entertainment Channel -

Many great and fun links.

Entertainment Channel - Games, Movies, Music, Radio & More -

Kids Campaigns -

Get Started, Get Smart and Get Connected for all our Kids.

Kids Campaigns -
The information, knowledge and action center for Adults who want to make their communitites work for kids. We're creating a cyber-community for adults --on behalf of kids --that helps jump-start real communities to act on behalf of children.

Kids on the Block -

Kids on the Block -
Teaching sensitivity, awareness and acceptance of differences ...

Kids on the Web -
The Zen Internet Group. A running catalog of Kids sites.
Kid Safety on the Internet -
Questions and answers to help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies.
KXAS-TV/Channel 5 -
TV Parental Guidelines
Smokey Bear's Official Home Page -
Only you can prevent Forest Fires.
The Graham Family - Wichita, Kansas - Hits the Road. We've quit our jobs, sold our home, packed a tent, and now we're embarking on a year-long 50 state mission. To find out what is MOST Exciting about America.

Race Camp -

Race Camp -
Get your mine Racin' - Using the interest and excitement of the sport of auto racing to inspire the young people and adults who attend it's programs.

Summer Camps -

InterCamp * Internet Summer Camp Directory & Resource -
Camps, Searchable by price, location, special needs, websites and more.


100hot kids Websites
Astronomy and Space
Black Stump Kids Page
Wonderful Kids Site
Children's Stories, Poems, Pictures and Sounds
Cyber Kids
Kids Internet Site
Disney ..
Disney Treasures
Walt Disney : Lists of characters of Disney
Disney Timeline - Unofficial
Eureka Children's Museum
Family Fun
Fun for the Whole Family
Family Planet Homepage
Family Cards for Special Occations
Go! Show! Rodeo! Just for kids and teens ..
Go West:Outdoors: kids, children, kids, hiking, camping, biking, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas
Goosebumps on the Web
Gretchen & Wildrose - playdolls
Hunter's Book Reviews
Startext Interact - Hunter Simmons, local Aledo, Texas, boy, reviews books for kids.
Internet University -
This is a Great Site.
Jelly Belly Online - "The original gourmet jelly bean"®
Hi, I'm Mr. Jelly Belly and I'll be your guide.
Just for Kids -
On the Internet for Kids. Many fun sites for Kids to go to.
Just For Kids - About Us -
The best source for children's books on the Internet
Kids Corner
Some great Kids links
Kidz Korner
Kid Links
Kids Science Friday Connection
Kids Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
Landmark Volunteers
Lone Star Flight Museum ..
MaMaMedia - Fun for Kids ........and the Family
McDonalds Splash
NASA Homepage
National Georgraphic
Quality Children's Books -
Gribich Has Landed. Everyone is talking about Doog Publishing Group's quality children's books.
Pioneer Rocketplane
Six Flags Theme Parks
USA Locations
Snickers Global Homepage
Star Wars Trilogy Official Website
Total Entertainment Betazone
Toy Museum & Advertising Icons
Web Kids' Village
Wet 'n Wild
Yahooligans Newsletter

KIDS ......with their Parents

Kids' Web -
A collection of Internet resources for parents and children to explore together.


The Children Youth and Family Consortium Electronic Clearinghouse -
Dedicated to providing a pathway to information related to health, education and welfare of children, youth and families.
KidsHealth - Children's Health & Parenting Information -
Great Site - Slow to Load - A trainload of accurate, up-to-date information about growth, food & fitness, childhood infectons, immunizations, lab tets, medical and surgical conditions. This is a wonderful site.


Adults Keep Out

Coalition for Positive Sexuality: Sex Ed for Teens -
Sexual Education for teenagers.
Cool Works - Seasonal Jobs in National Parks, Ski Resorts & More -
Check out what it takes to live and work in the kinds of places that most people only get to visit.
d i s i n f o r m a t i o n -
A site that brings you closer to reality. Take a look.
KIDLINK - Global Networking for Youth 10-15 -
A world where kids can join together and talk - Many languages with translations
A wonderful site.
Net Talk Live - Teens -
Smurfberry / Personal WBS -
High School Student Doug Benedict. Home Page.
Techno Teen - ..
The coolest page on the Internet that's made for teens by teens.
Techno Teen ** - ..
This page serves the purpose to link to all my other pages and to alert you of any notices
Teen Movie Critic
Roger Davidson
Teen-Net -
A virtual hangout for teens.

Kids Throughout the World -

This is an Italian Kids Home Page Site.

Junior Place -
This Web Space is Created by Kids for all the Kinds in the World

Homework Resources

ARTSEDGE: The National Arts and Education Information Network -
Linking the Arts and Education through Technology
Ask Dr. Math - The Math Forum -
Math Questions & Answers
Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE -
Building digital collectons and services while providing information and support to others doing the same.
Books A to Z -
World Wide Web Publishing Resources
CNN Interactive -
Current breaking Headlines & News
Cool Places For Kids -
Many informative and helpful links
Education Place -
Houghton Mifflin Free Internet Resources for K - 8
ENC Online -
Eisenhower National Clearninghouse for Mathematics and Science education
Health Resources -
High School - Jr. High School - Imtermediate - Primary
NAA®: Hotlinks to Newspapers Online -
Gateway to newspaper and other related media organizations Internet sites.
Library of Congress -
The Home Page of the Library of Congress
Mega-Mathematics -
Los Alamos National Laboratory
National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials -
Oklahoma State University
World Wide Web Virtual Library - Museums
A virtual wealth of museum links and references.
The NASA Homepage -
National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Great Great Site.
The National Science Foundation -
Fostering Science and Engineering Research and Education.
Animal Information Database -
Courtesy of Sea World - Busch Gardens
Children's Literature Web Guide -
A good resource site.
Environmental Education Network -
A collaborative effort among educators, the EnviroLink Network and the environmental community.
IPL The Internet Public Library -
Another good reference site.
The Nine Planets -
A multimedia Tour of the Solar System
SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources -
Load with great links
Science Learning Network -
Smithsonian Institution -
America's Treasure House of Learning
The White House -
Welcome to the White House and United States Government Resources
TIME World Wide -
Time Magazine Online
TKM's Education Web Search -
Total Knowledge Management. Your first stop for finding Education Sites on the Internet.
VolcanoWorld -
Supported by NASA's program - Public use of Earth and Space Science data over the Internet. This is a wonderful site.
Western Interstate Commmission for Higher Education -
Go to WICHE's Hot News page for the latest in higher Education.


Archive of Recreational Web Sites
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Backcountry backpacking skiing climbing
Barbecue'n On The Internet
Childrens Television Workshop
Parenting information and Sesame Street Activiities for Kids
Computer Museum's Guide to the Best Software for Kids -
Make the most of your child's computer experience.
Croutons on a Cow Pie Vol. 2 Book Title Page
Cyberville Radio
Duke Nukem 3D Rodeo Shootout
Family.Com - Local Affiliate List
Games Domain - Games Games Games Games
Garth Brooks Roughstock's Fan Pages
Go West ..
Arizona, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico. Outdoor Backpacking, Hiking.
Great American Country
Country Stars on the WEB
Great Outdoor Recreation
IVGA Central **
Papyrus NASCAR and INDYCAR II Auto Racing
Leanin' Tree - Cards & Gifts
Greeting cards, Gifts, Seasonal specials, Electronic cards, Reminder service, Christmas cards. Museum of Western Art.
Mountain Biking ..
National Cowboy Hall of Fame
Old Dude Ranch Vacations
ParentTime - Welcome
Personalized your parenting situation
Peloton Online - Cycling
The best little restaurant on Maui.
Picnic's, Maui
Additional Information
Picnic's Maui on Line
More Information
Take our Daughters to Work
Ticketmaster Online!
Women's Channel - Fashion, Hobbies/Crafts, Lifestyle, Workplace -


DFW Almanac ..
Net Talk Live Home Page


American Airlines - American Way Magazine
San Antonio, Texas
Texas Bound
Texas Monthly - ..
A good overview of Texas with many great links to other Texas sites.
The Texas Mountaineers ..
Texas Mountaineers Picture of the Month ..


Castle at Amberley: Have you ever stayed in a castle? Castle accommodation.
Interesting Information on Castles
d i s i n f o r m a t i o n -
A site that brings you closer to reality. Take a look.
Entertainment -
Many great links
Frank Lloyd Wright Tourist Guide
French Fries - The Offical Page
Internet Movie Database -
Everything you ever wanted to know about any movie ever made.
Live Radio On The Net
Maxis Games
Ultimate Band List


Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway -
The Unofficial Homepage by Lee Johnson. Up-to-Date information. This is a very informative site.

American Racing Scene
Andy's RaceLink -
Drag Racing Links - Nascar Links - Indy Car Links - Monster Truck Links - Miscellaneous Links
Caraudio Toronto
Dan's NASCAR Racing Page -
Some good Racing Links
Dutch Racing Scene
Formula 1 racing
Go Racing
Jeff Gordon Home Page
Links to Auto Racing Sites -
Many, many excellent links.
Monster Trucks
Monster Truck Pictures
The World of Monster Trucks
Race Rock
Racer Archive: NASCAR Links
RaceWeb Information Superspeedway
RaceWeb - Speedway Fantasies
Racing: Simulations, News & Information -
Ultimate Links Pages
Rüdiger 'Gremlin' Gemmrig: Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Sauber F1 Team Fan Page
Deutsch & English
SandMan's Formula 1 Page
The Motor Web - Welcome Page
Australian Racing Site
Welcome to RaceRock
Welkom bij de Autocross

A little bit of everything. It's your choice.
A Guide to North American Fairs
This is a great site for finding FAIRS throughout North America
Albert Wiersch's Home Page
Student - UTA
Alfred Hitchcock - The Master of Suspense
Amazon Books. Earth's Biggest Bookstore.
Barbecue'n On The Internet ..
Everything that you need to know about BBQ
C4IEWS Information Server ..
Information provided by a variety of Military Organizations
Centre for the Easily Amused -
Our hard-working experts have been exploring the Internet since long before it was trendy in their search for the Ultimate Guide to Wasting Time.
Cyber Geek -
This interactive web site will offer a weekly Comic Book, chances to win Free Stuff, a forum to share your Cyber-Life experiences and an Opportunity to Contribute towards the company's goal to expand and enhance the paradigm for living in the computer age.
FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives"
Iron Butt Association ..
World's Toughest Motorcycle Riders
Internet Services List -
Many, many interesting Links
School House Rock
Star Trek -
Every available Star Trek software Title. Plus many out of print and rare Titles.
Stan Olson's Home Page ..
High School Student in Champaign, Illinois
Through the Keyhole
Department store for miniatures and
Vixen Hill Gazebos

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