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Helpful Sites -

The Meeting & Event Planning Center -
Plan your major event here.
ABT Airline Listings -
Association of Business Travelers Airline listings. Find any major airline.
Association of Business Travellers - Hotels -
Hotels around the World. Find the one you need.
Best Communication & Management - ..
Specializing in Equestrian Sport, Events & Sponsorship. Information about Equestrian Sports and Horse Breeding on the Internet.

CIA World Fact Book -

World Factbook Master Alphabetical Index -
CIA World Fact Book Table of Context. All Countries in the World.

Index to the World's weather -
The weather where you are is available here.
Leviathan -- An FTP/Gopher/HTTP Server -
A top 5% website. Worth a look.

Travel Sites -

Canadian Information By Subject -
National Library of Canada.
Caribbean Information -
Internet Caribbean Information
Adventure Travel - The Caribbean -
This is a Great site for recreation information
Civilized Explorer Travel Information Page
World Information & Sites
Maps of the World -
Maps of the world by the University of Texas
Map-Related Web Sites -
Find a map here.
MapQuest - Interactive Atlas -
Maps of cities throughout the world. A great site.

Interesting Sites -

Country 105 FM - Top 105 Songs -
Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Top country songs.
CYBERGRASS - The Internet Bluegrass Music Magazine -
The best place on the World Wide Web for bluegrass music information.
Externa - The Argentine Business Gateway.
French Horse Racing Magazine -
A French Horse Racing Magazine. Don't worry, there's an English version.
Great American Country -
Country Stars on the WEB.
Japan Country Home Page -
Country music in Japan.
Johnny Rockets - Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hastings Park Racecourse - Vancouver, B.C. -
Hastings Park horsracing.
Horse Racing World in Japan -
takechi's Home Page.
Icelandic Horses Online -
German & English

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