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AARP Webplace -
American Association of Retired Persons. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisam organization dedicated to helping older Americans achieve lives of independence, dignity and purpose. This is a great resource site.
Anne's General Medical Links Page - ..
Anne Williams, DO Jackson County Memorial Hospital, Altus, Oklahoma.
Disable Hotline -
Free advice and referral services to anyone regardless of their disability or lack of ......
Disability Information Center -
Some of the best Disability Links on the Net.
Disability Newsletters Available on the Net -
Disability Newsletters Available on the Net.
Disability Related News Groups -
Disability Related News Groups.

Global Health Network -

Global Health Network -
University of Pittsburg. English - German - Japanese - Portuguese - Spanish

H. Sasse's list of Disability Organisations -
Disability Organisations in the UK.
Health Canada / Santé Canada -
Canadian Health Network.
Health Information on the Web
Millard Fillmore Health System. Electronic Newsletters and Journals.

Kids on the Block -

Kids on the Block -
Teaching sensitivity, awareness and acceptance of differences ...

National Vaccine Information Center
Organizations Serving Specific Disabilities -
Regional Disability & Business Technical Assistance Centers -
Publications Ordering System
Reproductive Health and the Internet Introduction -
Family Planning Management Development Project, Management Sciences for Health.
Trace Research & Development Center -
University of Wisconsin. Information related to rehabilition, assistive technology and information about making software and technology accessible to people with disabilities.

American Medical Association (AMA) -

American Medical Association -
Physicians dedicated to the health of America

Hospital Locator -

Hospital Locator: Table of Contents -
Courtesy of Med Access.
HospitalWeb - USA -
USA Hospitals on the World Wide Web.
HospitalWeb - Global (not including USA) -
Global Hospitals on the World Wide Web.

Mayo Clinic -

General Information about Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic & Foundation for Medical Education and Research
The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered.
Mayo Clinic -
Information for Patients and Medical Professionals
Search the Mayo World-Wide-Web Server

Medi - Net -

Check your doctor's vital statistics.

Medical Information Network -
Medi-Net is a one-of-a-kind information delivery service that provides background information on every physician licensed to practice medicine in the United States. A Fee is charged for the Service.

Med Zone -

MedZone The Medical Manager's Online Resource - News, Info & Communications for Medical/Healthcare Managers -

Mental Health -

Mental Health Net -
The largest, most comprehensive guide to mental health online. Featuring over 6,000 individual resources.

Mirabilis -

The Dial Tone of the Internet. This software is a must. Both the sender and the receiver must have the ICQ software. This is a must for communicating with your friends throughout the World.

Mirabilis LTD. - FrontPage -
This Software is a MUST. Would you like to know if your Friends & Associates are surfing the NET - Right Now ! ICQ does everything for you. You can chat, send messages and files, play games or use it as the perfect business tool to find and contact

Mosaic Access Page -

Mosaic Access Page - resource for people with disabilities -
A resource for those interested in how people with disabilities can use the Internet and the World Wide Web
Access to Computers -
Information for people with disabilities
Access to the Internet -
Access to the Internet (Email - FTP - Gropher) for people that are disabled
Access to the WEB -
Additional information for the Disabled
NCSA Mosaic Access Page - A resource for people with disabilities -
A resource for people with disabilities.

Narcotics and Substance Abuse - U.S. Information Service -

Narcotics and Substance Abuse - U.S. Information Service -

National Rehabilitation Information Center -

Information for Independence

National Rehabilitation Information Center -
A library and information center on disability and rehabilitation.

Rx List -

RxList - The Internet Drug Index
Search for Drug Name. Keyword Search.

Sites with Helpful Links

Disability Listserv Lists -
Discussion Groups,Mailing List, Access to Libraries etc.
MedWeb - Disabilities -
Many links with information about almost everthing related to disabilities
SERI - Special Education Resources on the Internet -
A collection of Internet accessible information resources of interest to those ivolved in the fields related to special education

Sports -

Active sports sites for persons with special needs. Inspiring and Exciting.

Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks -
Meet the Wheelchair Mavericks.
Links to Other Wheelchair Sports
Wheelchair Basketball Association -
A brief History of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association.

Travel Assistance


American Airlines -
Customers With Disabilities
French Quarter Access - New Orleans, Louisiana -
This guide has been produced to give people with mobitity limitations the information they need to take the fullest advantage of all that our great city has to offer.
Special Assistance Service, Incorporated
Full-Service company dedicated to serving the travel needs of persons with disabilities

The World -

Information for Travel throughout the World

Companions -
A Unique Service that has opened up New Horizons and New Opportunitites for people of all ages, from any section of the community, regardless of their situation or circumstances and in partiacular the Elderly and the Disabled.
Kéroul Principal -
Tips for disabled travellers, in French.

Worldwide Congress of Pain -

Worldwide Congress of PAIN -
Sponsored by the Dannemiller Memorial Educational Foundation.

General Information

Alliance for Technology Access -
Enhance the lives of People with Disabilities ....providing access to empowering technology for children and adults with disabilities
Center for Computer Assistance to the Disabled -
Enhance the Quality of Life of the disabled through the use of computers.
Disabilities Resources Page -
Starting points for research on disabilities.
Disability Resources from Evan Kemp Associates -
Dedicated to providing valuable resource information that will enhance the lives of people with disabilities
Job Accommodation Network -
Toll - Free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations for people with disabilities + other valuable information
National Organization on Disability -
Promotes full and equal participation of America's men, women and children with disabilities in all aspects of life.
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association
Rehabilitation R&D Center
Department of Veterans Affairs Palo Alto. Dedicated to bringing science and tecnology to bear on the problems facing disabled veterans
Surrogacy Agency Surrogate Parenting Center of Texas -
We put the control back where it belongs, with you.


"It was glorious - just the dog and a leather strap linking me to life." Morris Frank, the first person to use a Seeing Eye dog

A Dog Guide User Speaks on Mobility -
Robert H. Whitstock
Brief History of Dog Guides -
Nelson Coon
Canine Medical Information -
Draper Kennel - Golden Retriever Breeders of Utah -
Family pets, therapy dogs, seeing eye dogs and search and rescue dogs.
Dr. Jim's Virtual Veterinary Clinic
Frequently Asked Questions -
The 10 most frequently asked questions about the Seeing Eye.
Puppy Raisers -
Ever wonder how a Seeing Eye dog begins its training? Much like children, Seeing Eye dogs go to "pre-school."
Seeing Eye Information -
Seeing Eye Information Center. This is a very helpful site
Service Dogs -
Helpful Information
The Seeing Eye -
Independence & Dignity Since 1929

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