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Disability Net - Horseback Riding ..
Disability Net - Outdoor Sports ..
Disability Net - Trail Chair Touring ..
Multiple Sclerosis & Outdoor Sports
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association -
A non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and support equine-facilitated activities for individuals with disabilities.
Therapeutic Riding -
Coutesy of Baltimore Horse Country. Therapeutic riding enables many disabled people to participate in an enjoyable activity, and experience physical benefits such as improved balance and coordination. Helpful links to other sites.


Agoura Hills, California. Special Equestrian Riding Therapy, Inc. -
Therapeutic Riding for the Disabled. A non-profit organization. Our goal is to provide physically, mentally and emotionally challenged individuals an opportunity for emotional and physical growth through horsemanship. Volunteers are the mainstay of our program, along with our carefully chosen and highly trained horses and ponies.
Burlington, Vermont - Therapeutic Riding Activities in Chittenden County ..
Central New York State - PATCHWORK Therapeutic Riding Center ..
Cromberg, California - Therapeutic Horseback Riding -
Therapeutic horseback riding is provided for children and adults with special needs. The instructor creates a lesson plan for each student rider with input from teachers and medical professionals.
Eugene, Oregon. RideAble, for Equestrians with Disabilities -
A non-profit organization. Our primary focus is to provide riding opportunities for anyone with a disability.
Ft. Wayne, Indiana - Red Ceder Center ..
Franklin, Tennessee - Saddle Up ..
Grantville, PA - Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association ..
Groton, New York - Therapeutic Riding Center ..
Idylwild Farm - Maryland - Therapeutic Riding ..
Metamora, Michigan - Banbury Cross -
Describes the mission of the center, the programs offered, and the ways in which you can donate your time, money or other items to further our goal of improving the quality of life for many disabled people.
Monkton, Maryland - Therapeutic Riding Programs ..
Old Lyme, Connecticut - High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center ..
Pineville, PA. Therapeutic Riding
Sarasota, Florida - Smith Center for Therapeutic Riding ..
Southern California - Therapeutic Riding for the Disabled
Teague, Texas - Eagle Crest Theraputic Center
To improve the quality of life for children who are challenged physically, mentally or emotionally, by providing, through a charitable organization, activities and therapy for children tghrough the riding of horses.
Tucson, Arizona - Therapeutic Riding ..


Duncan, B.C. - Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association ..
Edmonton, Alberta - Little Bits Riding Club ..
London, Ontario - Riding for the Disabled - ..
Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Associaton
Manitoba Riding for the Disabled - be a volunteer ..


Yorkshire, UK - Riding for the Disabled Association

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