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Rodeo Chatter

BAREBACK BRONC: rider uses only strap around rib cage of horse

SADDLE BRONC: ridden with roughout saddle, one cloth rein

TEAM ROPER: one roper ropes the sterr horns and one roper ropes the rear feet, a team effort

DALLY: wrap rope around saddle horn after animal is roped

HOBBLE: leather around horse's front legs to keep from walking too far

LARIAT: rope

LOOP: long loop, wide loop, thrown loop of rope

BARREL MAN: clown in barrel during the bullriding

STAMPEDE: a wild run of cattle

LATIGO: leather strip

RIDING GLOVE: used in bareback or bull riding

HOULIHAN: tumble of steer head over heels in steer wrestling event

LUCK OF THE DRAW: the best animal to give a cowboy a better score

STIRRUP: a foot rest on the saddle

ROUGHOUT: an unfinished saddle

PICKUP MAN: a rider in the arena to help a contestant from a bucking horse

GOOD BUCKER: a top bucking horse or bull

CHUTE: holds bucking or timed event stock prior to event

REIN: cotton woven rope used in saddle bronc riding

CHAPS: a leather covering over riding jeans

GO ROUND: a turn at event

SHORT GO: a championship turn

AVERAGE: scores on all go rounds plus short go to choose winner of event

CIRCUIT FINALS: the regional finals, Texas is the only state that has its own circuit

PAY WINDOW: the secretary's window to pick up winner's check

ENTRY OFFICE: a place to make rodeo entries

HALF HITCH: a knot used by calf roper to tie three legs together

LOW TIME: the winner in timed event

CLOVER LEAF: barrel race pattern

DOGIE: a wild calf (motherless calf)

MARKING OUT: feet in position over shoulders of bucking horse as it makes first jump from chute

FREE HAND: one hand in riding events must stay free of animal, touch is out

TURN OUT: allow animal to leave chute without a rider due to the rider being hurt

COWBELL: the bell at bottom of bull rope to drag rope from bull after the rider dismounts

BULL ROPE: the flat braided rope to wrap around a bull that a rider holds during bull ride

SPINNER: a bull that turns as if chasing its tail, turning one way, then another, scores high

PERFECT SCORE: 100 points. 50 for the rider, 50 for the bull or horse

NFR: National Finals Rodeo

PRCA: Professional Rodeo Cowboy's Association

WPRA: Women's Professional Rodeo Association

Western Cowboy Lingo and Definitions - ..
Courtesy of Doane Western of Montana.

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