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Cowboy Poetry

......thanks for droppin' in, the fire is warm and the coffee's hot.

Biscuits &Gravy Quarterly -
Many interesting pages ....including Cowboy Poetry and Last of the Old-Time Cowboys, Hot Links.
Chris LeDoux Cowboy Country -
"When he blasts onto a stage, it's with the same furious tension as when the chutes used to open for him on a bucking bronc. When he writes songs, he writes and sings about cowboys, rodeos, and wide open spaces.
Farmer's Furrows -
Some random impressions written down over the years by Allen Stephenson, one of life's puzzled observers.
Herb Church - Poems By Muletown - Audio - ..
"Cowboy Dreams"
Cowboy -
We were doin' Cowboy Poetry one afternoon, when the host introduced us and said a peculiar thing. She called us "Cowperson Poets" and I got to wonderin' why she couldn't call us Cowboy Poets, so I figured I oughta try to understand this new language.
Cowboy Poets on the Internet -
Western folklife Center, Elko, Nevada
Cowboy Poetry -
This is something that I've wanted to get going for some time. The Cowboy Poetry gathering in Elko, Nevada is the
inspiration for this page. I've got several poems of my own and will be adding them as time permits.
Cowboy Poet Mike McCombs -
Click on the book for samples of real cowboy poetry.
Cowboy Poetry On-Line -
Cowboy Poetry is as old as cowboys themselves. For lack of better things to do after a hard day on the range, cowboys of the Old West would sit around the camp fire at night and entertain one another with poems, tall tales known as "windies" or just plain good ol' stories.
Cowboys put the 'Western' into Country-Western -
Ken Pulskamp didn't quite know what to expect when a friend invited him to a festival of cowboy poetry and music in central California some years ago.
Coyote Cowboy Company -
In late 1982 Baxter Black gave up hie 'day job' as a large animal veterinarian and embarked on a new carerr -- as a cowboy poet..
Gary Cook - Cowboy Poetry -
Throughout history the cowboy has been known to express his memories of home or distant places he longs for through poetry.
Homefires - Storytelling from Ross Gibson - Audio
This site is Courtesy of Meridian West Music and is dedicated to celebrating the spirit of the old west and the not so old west ...sit back, and listen to cowboy poetry, western verse, storytelling and Real Audio. Selections from one of the west's best poets, Ross Gibson.
Jim Tanner - Cowboy Poetry - ..
Cowboy poetry is a goodness that can be shared with people that spend their lives indoors, and never know the colors of a thundercloud in the early morning in October, or the brassy sky before a summer rain, or the red tinted sky of a winter day.
Larry McWhorter -
Raised in the Texas Panhandle, Larry McWhorter was born into the life of a working cowboy. It is from this background McWhorter derives the material for his poetry. Many of his topics come from personal experience or the experiences of "old-timers". One of his greatest pleasures in life is to listen to old hands tell stories of days gone by. He believes it is the passing on of tradition that will keep our western heritage alive.
Manure Happens - Cowgirl Poetry, Cowboy Poetry -
Cowboy poetry er....cowgal poetry of Hilma (Volcano) Volk, entertainer, rhyming story teller, humorist, ventriloquist, harmonica player, author etc. etc.
Merv Korth - Riding the Internet - ..
A Cowboy came a riding, ...riding out of the frozen North, Saddle bags packed with enchantments and cowboy poems to send forth ..
Original Cowboy Poetry - Ronnie Godfrey - Crowley, Texas -
Cowboy Poetry by Ronnie Godfrey.
Paul's Cowboy Poetry -
This site have some good links to other Western pages.
Poetry Corral -
The stock here comes and goes come back and sit on the rails as often as you like.
Raucous Ranch -
Created to provide teachers with additional resources for teaching of inter-disciplinary skills and knowledge, and to assist students in learning not only about poetry in particular, and literature in general, but also about various other subjects.
Rudy Gonzales - ..
"Idaho Cowboy Poet & Western Humorist" Home Ranch. One of the nation's most requested cowboy entertainers. Rudy will entertain with both original and traditional cowboy poetry and old cowboy songs.
Waddie Mitchell -
Cowboy Poet. Many years as a working cowboy on some of the most desolate spreads in Nevada will give a man time to think. Such is the case with Waddie Mitchell.

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