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It's easy to get here. For practically anyone, from nearly anywhere. You know what they say, "location, location, location." They're right, of course. But DFW International Airport, the world' second busiest, and four intersecting highways don't hurt either. DFW Airport's only 25 minutes from downtown Fort Worth. You can shuttle, bus or taxi right to your hotel. Folks around here would be hard pressed to remember the last road-closing blizzard or flood. Sure makes it tough to use the weather as a excuse for being late to work, but otherwise it's great. Once you're in Fort Worth, getting around is as easy as deciding where to go. Even a relaxed stroll downtown is a welcome option. And whoever decided years ago what goes where must have been a parent -- of an eager four-year-old. Everything's close enough to keep the "Are we there yets?" to a minimum. Because if getting there is half the fun, how fun can it be?

Downtown Fort Worth is just 17.5 miles and 25 minutes by ground transporation from DFW International Airport. It's the second busiest airport in the nation, with non-stop service to more than 200 cities worldwide and more than 2,000 flights daily. Thanks to its premium location in the center of the United States, getting to Fort Worth and back home is a breeze.

Airlines Serving DFW

Airlines Reservations
America West 800-247-5692
American 800-433-7300
American Eagle 800-433-7300
Atlantic Southeast 800-221-1212
British Airways 800-247-9297
Continental 800-525-0280
Delta 800-221-1212
Lone Star 800-877-3932
Lufthansa 800-645-3880
Midwest Express 800-452-2022
Northwest 800-225-2525
Sun Country 800-359-5786
TWA 800-221-2000
United 800-241-6522
US Air 800-428-4322

Flight Times to Fort Worth From Major Cities in North America

City Flight Time
Atlanta, GA 2.0 hours
Baltimore, MD 3.0 hours
Boston, MA 4.0 hours
Calgary, AB 4.0 hours
Chicago, IL 2.5 hours
Denver, CO 1.5 hours
Detroit, MI 3.0 hours
Las Vegas, NV 2.5 hours
Los Angeles, CA 3.0 hours
Louisville, KY 2.0 hours
Mexico City, MEX 2.5 hours
Miami, FL 2.5 hours
Milwaukee, WI 2.5 hours
Minneapolis, MN 2.5 hours
Montreal, QUE 5.5 hours
Nashville, TN 4.5 hours
New Oleans, LA 2.0 hours
New York, NY 4.0 hours
Philadelphia, PA 3.5 hours
Phoenix, AZ 2.0 hours
Pittsburgh, PA 3.0 hours
Portland, OR 3.5 hours
San Francisco, CA 3.0 hours
Seattle, WA 3.5 hours
Toronto, ONT 3.0 hours
Tucson, AZ 2.0 hours
Vancouver, BC 6.5 hours
Washington, DC 3.0 hours

Flight Times to Fort Worth From Major Cities in the World

International City Flight Time
Athens, Gre. 14.0 hours
Amsterdam, Neth. 11.0 hours
Auckland, N.Z. 17.5 hours
Bangkok, Thai. 23.5 hours
Beijing, China 24.5 hours
Berlin, Ger. 12.5 hours
Bombay, India 21.0 hours
Brussels, Bel. 9.5 hours
Buenos Aires, Arg. 15.0 hours
Cairo, Eg. 19.0 hours
Caracas, Ven. 7.0 hours
Hong Kong 20.5 hours
Lima, Peru 9.5 hours
London, Eng. 9.0 hours
Madrid, Spain 9.5 hours
Manila, Phil. 21.5 hours
Moscow, Russia 14.0 hours
Nairobi, Ken 25.5 hours
Paris, France 9.5 hours
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 13.0 hours
Rome, Italy 13.5 hours
Seoul, S. Korea 16.0 hours
Singapore 25.0 hours
Sydney, Austrl. 12.0 hours
Tel Aviv, Isr. 18.0 hours
Tokyo, Japan 13.0 hours

Ground Transportation

Auto Rentals
Advantage Rent-A-Car Metro 214-263-8686
Alamo Rent-A-Car Metro 214-263-2752
Avis Rent-A-Car 817-335-3211
Budget Rent-A-Car 817-329-2277
Enterprise Rent-A-Car 817-352-5900
Hertz Rent-A-Car 817-429-8541
Thrifty Car Rental Metro 214-621-1234
Rail Passenger Services
Amtrak 817-332-2931
The T 817-871-6200
The T Airporter 817-334-0092
Super Shuttle 817-329-2000
Greyhound 817-429-3089
Texas Department of Transportation 1-800-452-9292
Police Department Traffic Division 817-922-3300

Mileage to Fort Worth from Major U.S. Cities

City Mileage Kilometers Drive Time
Albuquerque 63 1015 11.5 hrs
Amarillo 340 547 8.0 hrs
Austin 190 305 3.5 hrs
Birmingham 672 1081 12.0 hrs
Branson 538 866 9.0 hrs
Dallas 33 59 .5 hrs
Des Moines 708 1139 12.0 hrs
El Paso 608 978 11.0 hrs
Houston 270 434 5.0 hrs
Jackson 434 698 8.0 hrs
Kansas City 562 904 10.0 hrs

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