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This is like that drawer in you kitchen. The one with the masking tape, bread twisties, pliers, dog chewies, pizza coupons, some sticky pink stuff, the exterminator's card, the popcorn popper cord, six M&M's, half a packet of gladiola seeds....well, you know. We've collected a similar useful hodgepodge here. But we left out the sticky stuff.

Planes, trains or automobiles? You make the call. The numbers are right here. Indoor or outdoor? Public or private? Fee or Free? There're numbers to help with those, too.

You can even call someone to talk about the weather, like you'd end up doing on a first date but without all the pressure.

There's even Texas trivia to amaze the folks back home. It's easy, really. "So Uncle Joe's having that removed, huh? That surprises me. Almost as much as the fact that petrified palmwood is the state stone of Texas." Or you can just try to out-fact your Fort Worth tour guide. But don't count on it.

Important Numbers:

Amtrak - General Information and Reservations 332-2931
The T 871-6200
The T Airporter 334-0092
Super Shuttle 329-2000
Greyhound 429-3089
DFW International Airport - Administration Metro 214-574-6720
Emergencies 911
Events Hotline 332-2000
Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce 336-2491
Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau 336-8791
Fort Worth/Tarrant County Convention Center 884-2222
National Weather Service Metro 214-787-1111
Parks and Recreation 871-5700
Passport Information 625-3634
Police Department Traffic Division 922-3300
Fort Worth Post Office Information 625-0700
Central Public Library 871-7701
Telephone Directory Assistance Local 1-411
Telephone Directory Assistance Local Long Distance 1-(area code)-555-1212
Texas Department of Commerce Tourism Division 1-800-8888-TEX
Texas Department of Transportation 1-800-452-9292
Tourism Division 512-463-8586
Texas Parks and Wildlife 1-800-792-1112
Time and Temperature 844-6611

Texas Facts:

Population 17,655,650 (1992)
Capitol Austin
Bird Mockingbird
Flower Bluebonnet
Motto Friendship
Song "Texas Our Texas"
Tree Pecan
Stone Petrified Palmwood
Dish Chili
Fruit Texas Red Grapefruit

It's the Law

The legal drinking age in Texas is 21. Liquor can be sold between the hours of 7 a.m. and midnight every day of the week except Sunday, when sales end at 1a.m. and resume between noon and midnight.

A person operating a moving vehicle is in violation of the Texas seat belt law if he or she occupies a seat equipped with a seat belt that is not fastened. Although non-residents of the state of Texas are exempt, child passenger safety seats for any child under two years of age are strongly recommended. For further inquiries, please contact the Fort Worth Police Special Services Bureau at 817-877-8289.

Currency Exchange

Most banks have a currency exchange area, and several are located in the downtown area within easy walking distance of our hotels.

Responsibility Clause

This publication was compiled with great attention to detail and accuracy. However, due to changing rates, ownerships and other conditions, the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau, The Rodeo Steakhouse and Interactive Marketing Technologies cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information furnished.

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