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Fort Worth Convention & Visitor Bureau
415 Throckmorton
Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 336-8791
(800) 433-5747

We're your light switch in the dark. Your map in the glove box. We're the invisible safety harness that helps you soar above your wide eyed colleagues. Best of all, we're there every step of the way. And we're partial to people. You and your people. Listening to you tells us more than 20 reams of schedules and itineraries. Because helping you begins with understanding your vision, your meeting plan. Together we make it a plan of action. Of course, Fort Worth has to be part of your plan in the first place. But that's the easy part. We're like water vendors in the Sahara, umbrella seller in the tropics. No gimmicks, no games, no smoke screens. Who needs artificial excitement when they have the real thing. We're just plain proud of Fort Worth. And we'd love to show you why.

Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau is a full-service bureau, offering meeting planners and city visitors a full spectrum of assistance. Sales representatives work closely with planners to ensure that they have all the information necessary to include Fort Worth when evaluating possible locations for meetings. Our sales representatives coordinate site inspections and work in tandem with Convention Services personnel to host planners and introduce them to our array of meeting possibilities. They also can provide:

The full range of services also includes:

Publicity and promotional materials:

Support Services

Fort Worth's services sector is characterized by nose-to-the-grindstone, make-it-happen and happen-right people. The Bureau's Convention Services personnel have established contacts with a number of suppliers and are available to advise planners on the best way to meet all those extra requirements. Call for more information on:

Convention & Meeting Facilities

What's our convention center like? Just imagine a Texas-sized slab of wide-open sky wired with the latest high-tech infrastructure and draped in elegant decor. It's our downtown centerpiece, surrounded by red brick streets, four downtown hotels and the razzle-dazzle of Sundance Square. But when someone says, "Our meeting's in Fort Worth," be sure to ask where. They could mean downtown at the convention center. Or Will Rogers Memorial Center in the Cultural District. Or at Cowtown Coliseum in the historic Stockyards. Or at a nearby dude ranch. Or at the zoo. Or on a steam train. Or in Casa Manana's geodesic dome theater. Or in the Botanic Gardens. Or downtown in front of a 30-foot mural of thundering cattle. You get the picture, right? Just be sure to ask. In Fort Worth there's a place for every group, large or small, business or pleasure. The variety and flavor of Fort Worth are reflected in the city's facilities. From the newly renovated convention center in the heart of downtown to the meeting rooms of suburban hotels, planners find facilities run on the principles of service and flexibility. Meeting the needs of visitors, offering value and making folks feel right at home are how this city hones its competitive edge.
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