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Business Results

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Real Estate Results -

This site is used during Real Estate Internet Seminars at the Rodeo Steakhouse. You can use your instructor or ours. Internet Seminars for both the Beginner and the Intermediate person. Instruction is available for all Software programs. Instruction can also be given at your office. Contact Richard McMullin 817.332.1288.

Texas Association of Board of Realtors

Texas Association of Realtors -
Sorry - For Members Only
Texas Association of Realtors - Public Site -
Buying a Property
Texas Association of Realtors - Public Site -
Selling Your Property
Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors -
2650 Parkview Drive, Fort Worth 76102 Phone 817 336-5165 Fax 817 870-2863
Northeast Tarrant County Board of Realtors -
2008 Plaza Drive, Bedford 76021 Phone 817 540-9100 Fax 817 540-9121

California Real Estate Magazine -

California Real Estate On-Line Magazine -
Current Issue - Technology Issue - Article Index - Previous Issues - Other Publications

Domain Name -

Domain Name Lookup -
Waymark Net Lookup an Internet Domain. Searches the InterNIC Domain Name database. Perform several different searches.
Domain Registration - Support -
Onramp Technologies Domain Query Tool
InterNIC - Register your Domain Name -
It is recommended that you have your ISP register your Domain Name. The cost should be $100 for 2 years and $50 per year thereafter. Prepaid.
Internet Domain Names -
Law of the Internet - Domain Name issues

List Your Site -

DFW Real Estate Connection -

DFW Real Estate Connection - ..
Real Estate Brokers and Agents throughout the Metroplex.

Harmon Homes -

The Nation's Leading Real Estate Internet Listings and Magazine.

Harmon Homes Online -
Welcome to Harmon Publishing, the source of the largest database of homes for sale in the U.S.

HomeBuyer Internet Site -

HomeBuyer Internet Real Estate Service -
America's #1 Real Estate Internet Site.

International Real Estate Directory -

IRED - ..
International Real Estate Directory - The Single Source for Independent Real Esate Information on the Web. Great Real Estate Site

Virtual Realtor -

Virtual Realtor - Homes for Sale - Real Estate - USA & Canada -
The Digital age of Real Estate - Clickable Map

Worldwide Realator Listing Service

Worldwide Realtor Listing Service -
Marketing at it's Best.

Submit Your Site -

Helpful Information -

Excellent information for submitting your URL. If you are new at submtting, then read the following instructions. Remember, to keep track of who you submit to and under what catagory.

Submit Your Site FREE -

1 2 3 Add - It -

123 Add-It - The easiest free promotion site on the web -
1) Fill out the simple form 2) Check your information 3) Submit to search engines. LET'S GET STARTED !

Submit your URL in Germany -

German Only. - Verzeichnis deutschsprachiger Webseiten -
Index of German language sites. Submit your URL free. Registrieren Sie Ihre Webseiten kostenlos. Sorry, German Only.

Internet Promotions Megalist -

Internet Promotions Megalist -
A list of hundreds of sites to submit your URL to.

Web Indexes -

HotBot Add URL -
HotBot updates its entire web index every two weeks. If any other indexed page links to your page, Hotbot will asutomatically find and index your page.
Infoseek Guide: Adding Your Site to Infoseek Guide -
Adding your Web page to infoseek
Lycos Add Your URL -
Add your URL to Lycos.
WebCrawler Add URLs -
Add your URL to WebCrawler.

Web Directories -

Excite Search Submit URL -
Add your URL to Excite.
Galaxy Annotations add your URL -
Add your URL to Galaxy Annotations.
LinkStar - Add your FREE e-Card listing -
Add your free e-Card listing.
Magellan Add A Site Info Form -
Add your URL to Magellan.
Starting Point New Site Submission Form -
Starting Point New Site Submission Form.
World Wide Web Yellow Pages Submit your URL -
Add your URL to the World Wide Web Yellow Pages.
Yahoo - Add your URL -
Add your URL to Yahoo.

Submit your site for a FEE -

Yahoo - World Wide Web Announcement Services -
Go to this site if this is the first time that you are submitting your URL
AAA Internet Promotions - Submit your Web site $110 + -**
Directory and Search Engine Listing. We Promote Your Internet Website Traffic. 50 - 100 - 200 Directories. For most sites, the 50 Directories should do the job.
AltaVista Technology - Submit URL -
Register your URL with 100 directories for $39. Volume Discounts for multiple sites.
Internet Registration Service $95 ** -
Submit to 400 Internet Directories & Search Engines for $95.
PostMaster - Announce Your URL Everywhere -
Promote your site for less than $38 -- Find Out How. This page has some helpful information for marketing your site.
PostMaster - Announce Your URL Everywhere. $500+ -
Does a good job, but is expensive.
Submit It $59.95 -
Submit a Web Site. Also offers Free version..
WebPromote - Programs. Submit your Site $185 -
100 Sites - $185. 200 Sites - $265
500 Search Engines and Link Pages -
Submit to all 500 for $149

Texas Monthly

Texas Monthly's Internet Directory -
Links Across Texas - Steps to Registering Your Site.

Informative Sites -

A cross section of helpful sites that are available on the Internet.

Fort Worth -

U.S. Gazetteer -
Census Data about the Fort Worth area published by the US Government.


Texas County Appraisal Districts
Green City Network
Texas County Profiles -
U.S. Census Bureau
Texas Economy -
Texas Economic Quarterly - Texas Economic Outlook - Special reports from the comptroller - Economic Indicators - Texas Production & Consumption by month - Classifications
Texas Help Desk -
Window on State Government.


Homebuyer's Fair -
Great information on buying a home, relocation, insurance, and other related topics.

Deal Makers -

DealMakers Real Estate Referral DataBase -
Providing insight & information on all Aspects of Real Estate Dealmaking & Networking.

New Hampshire Property Owners Association -

New Hampshire Property Owners' Association -
Trade Association for Landlords. Information, education and law changes. Local meetings, monthly newsletter, lobbyist. Laws and Landlords for all 50 States. This is a very informative site for Landlords and Real Estate people.

ADA Information Center On-Line -

Available Housing Resources

Housing Resources - ..
The ADA Information Center On-Line

Architects -

American Institute of Architects - ..

Commercial Real Estate Network -

CRE-NET: The Commercial Real Estate Network
A GE Capital Services Company

Homes & Land Electronic Magazine -

Homes & Land and Rental Guide. This is a very helpful site.

Homes & Land Electronic Magazine Real Estate Center -
The Largest Real Estate Center on the Internet with over 250,000 Homes & Apartments, plus helpful information.

Glossary of GIC/BIC Terminology

Glossary of GIC/BIC Terminology - ..
Interpretation of Guaranteed Investment Contract and Bank Investment Contract

Inman News Services

Inman News Features - Real Estate - ..
Real Estate News On-Line. Lots of information up-dated daily.
Inman News Features -
Delivered to your E-Mail .. Get the news fast and free

International Real Estate Directory -

The Single Source for Indepentdent Real Estate Information on the WEB

IRED - The International Real Estate Directory -
IRED - Real Estate Calendar - 1997
Post your Real Estate related events to the IRED Calendar. IT'S FREE.

Real Estate Exchange 1031 -

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges Services -
The Best Kept Secret in Real Estate.
Ten Thirty-One, Inc. -
IRC 1031 Real Estate Exchange Accommodator and Qualified Intermediary. Low Fees - Fast Service
Ten31 Marketplace -
The Internet Real Estate Exchange. The purpose of this home page is to provide professional investors, their agents and counselors with a lcoation on the World Wide Web where you can place properties for exchange and find replacement propery.
Real Estate Exchange (IRC 1031) Frequently Asked Questions -
What is an IRC 1031 Real Estate Exchange

Realtor.Com -

Interactive with the World of Real Estate. Loaded with helpful information. -
The Official Internet Site of the National Association of Realtors.

Taxes -

Income Tax Information

TaxSites - Internet income tax related information available on Internet -
General Income Tax Information and Links.

Dallas / Fort Worth Cities

Dallas Business Journal -
Good source for Business News. Business Journal is also in major cities throughout the USA.
Dallas / Fort Worth Cities -
Courtesy of Yahoo. All the cities in the DFW area.
DFW Metro Area Cities - ..
DFW Relocation Central. Information on all the DFW area cities. Very Informative site

Customer Service -

Sites that are Helpful to your Customers

American Airlines -

Special E-mail fares. Great Savings World-Wide. Subscribe Today.

American Airlines Net SAAver Fares -
E-mail USA fares. Special Discounts for subscribers. These special discounts are the easiest way to save on American Airlines and American Eagle for travel within the U.S. and Canada. Mexico destinations are now included.
American Airlines Net SAAver International Fares -
Subscribe to American Airlines Net SAAver International Fares E-mail List.

E-Mail a Post Card -

E-Mail your family and friends a Post Card.

E-Mail a Post Card -
It is fun and easy

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac -

Fannie Mae -
America's largest source of home mortgage funds.
FannieMae ** -
The Home Keeper Mortgage
Freddie Mac -
We open doors to the places millions of Americans call HOME.

Go Explore -

Travel any State or City in the USA. The choice is yours. Enjoy.

Go Explore -Search By Destination -
Very informative and helpful sites on every State and City in the USA.

Home Builder's

David Weekley Homes - New Homes Houston Austin San Antonio DallasTexas Tampa Orlando Florida Raleigh Charolette North Carolina Denver Colorado -
Community Net News.
Ryland Homes -
America's Home Builder
Texas Builders - New Homes and Home Builders -
Your guide to new home builders in Texas. Each site has floor plans and photos.
Your New House - ..
Holigan Homes. Many helpful links for the New Home Buyer.

Home Buyers Guide

Homebuyer's Fair -
Great information on buying a home, relocation, insurance, and other related topics.
HomeBuyer's Guide Online -
Featuring new homes for sale, builders and realtors in more than 600 new home communities.

Home Inspection Services -

Texas Licensed Real Estate Inspectors Standards of Practice -
Texas Real Estate Commission Provisions of the Real Estate License Act 535.222.
All Bay Home Inspection, Inc. -
Property Inspection Experts - Residential & Commercial.
Eagle Home Services -
Home Inspection & General Pest Control
High Tech Home Inspections -
Our Top Gun Real Estate Professionals.
Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors, North Texas Chapter -
Welcome to T.A.R.E.I. North Texas Chapter.
Wedgwood Service Group, Inc. Home Page - ..
Marketing Services, Seminars, Newsletter and Discussion Forum for Real Estate Inspectors.
Wedgwood Service Group, Inc. - ..
Complete Real Estate Inspection Service
Wiser Services - Home Inspection Service

Hud Homes -

HUD Housing and Urban Development - Homes and Communities -
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Helping people find homes. Loaded with Helpful Information
HUD Homes Fort Worth - ..
Information on buying & selling HUD homes.

International Real Estate Directory - ..

The Single Source for Independent Real Estate Information

IRED - ..
International Real Estate Directory - The Single Source for Independent Real Esate Information on the Web. Great Real Estate Site. One of the best RE sites on the web.

Legal Information

Hancock & McGill, L.L.P. -
Austin - Buy, Sell or Build a Home - Buy or Sell Investment Real Estate - Exchanging Investment Real Estate + other valuable Information
IRED - Real Estate Law - Marc Weissman
Common Law Agency & its Application to the Real Estate Profession

Maps -

Add a Map to your site. Bring up a map of any address in the USA

Vicinity Corporation -
This is a fun site to surf. Lots of helpful information. Add a map to your site.
Vicinity Corporation's MapBlast -
The easiet, fastest way to create, e-mail and embed your own free, interactive map. Locate a detailed street map from almost any street address in the United States. Add a map to your home page.
Vicinity MapBlast - Demonstration -
How to Launch a MapBlast Map
Yahoo Maps -
Address Map for anywhere in the USA. Using Street Address or Intersection or City, State.

Mortgage and Interest Rate Information -

Mortgages & Interest Rates

Mortgage Market Information Services -

Everything you need to know about Mortgage's

Mortgage Market Information Services, Inc. -
This is a very informative Site. Filled with helpful information. Mortgage Rates for your State. Mortgage Lenders in your State. Learning about Mortgages. Daily Mortgage News. Top 100 Newspapers.

Mortgage & Interest Information

Consumer Mortgage Information Network **
Source of current information for financing a home.
Consumer Mortgage Information Network ****
Worldwide consumer Real Estate information and links.
Downpayment Company
Unlocking the Door to Homeownership
The Home Keeper Mortgage
InvestorGuide Mortgages -
Helpful Mortgage Information. Click on Home for Your Guide to Investing on the Web.
Mortgage Bankers of Texas-Online Information Center -
Welcome to our online mortgage information center. Our goal with this site is to enable you, from the comfort of your home, to choose a mortgage program and interest rate thats right for you.
Mortgage Calculator -
Calculate Your Mortgage.
Mortgage Companies - Home Loans - Dallas Fort Worth Texas - Alliance Mtg Co -
Need a home loan ? Not sure where to start ? Then give us a call.
Mortgage & Interest Rates -
Banking information & Interest rates.
Mortgage Manager Version 5.00 -
Advanced Loan & Mortgage Amortization
Mortgage Optimizer
Mortgage Planners
National Mortgage Loan Directory
Online guide to shopping for a mortgage
Re/Max Mortgage Information
Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

Multiple Listings


Homes for Sale from Metroplex Regional MLS -
Welcome to DFW Real Estate ...your Internet Gateway to Real Estate activity in Fort Worth / Dallas Metroplex, including Arlington the Mid-Cities and many others.
Metroplex Regional MLS -
Select the County you wish to search
Property Network -
Metroplex Regional MLS


CyberHomes -
The only online real estate search service with interactive, street-level mapping. CyberHomes provides the complete inventory of MLS listings in your search area -- just click on the map and go.


Alaska Real Estate -
Multiple Listing Service, Inc. The Future In Focus. MLS, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of the Real Estate community and to maximizing that communities impact on the public. Clickable Map.

Virtual Realtor -

Virtual Realtor - Homes for Sale - Real Estate - USA & Canada -
The Digital age of Real Estate - Clickable Map

National Association of Home Builders -

Builder Online -
The National Association of Builder's Magazine

Property Taxes

Garland M. O'Day & Associates -
Property Tax Consultants
Texas Property Taxes -
Proposed House and Senate Bills
Texas Taxes -
Information on Texas Taxes from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
1995 Tarrant County Property Tax Tables -
City Property Tax + School District Tax + Countywide and other Taxes = Total Property Tax.

Real Estate Brokers & Agents Home Sites - ***

Century 21 Examples of Realtor Web Sites -

Century 21 Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate -
This is the DFW Century 21 Home Site.

Century 21 Examples of Broker Sites -

Century 21 Golden Corridor -
Serving Frisco and The Colony
Century 21 - Golden Corridor - Gayla Rivera
Agent for Golden Corridor.

Century 21 Examples of Web Sites -

Brokers and Agents

Century 21 McCracken Realtors - ..
Arlington - Grand Prairie
Century 21 Morrison & Morris -
Serving Arlington, Burleson, Kennedale, Mansfield, and the greater Fort Worth and Mid-Cities region.
Century 21 Pacesetters Realtors - Dallas
DFW Metroplex Real Estate & Mortgage Guide. Your complete source for DFW Metroplex Real Estate Information
Judy McCutchin's Dallas Real Estate -
This is a good example of what can be done with your site. It has content to keep the customer on the site. Needless to say, the Site sells itself.

Century 21 Sites Around the Country

It is interesting to compare sites.

Century 21 Home Team -
Dover, New Hamshire
Century 21 Iles Realtors -
Florida 21 iles Online. Serving Clearwater - Largo - Seminole - St. Petersburg - Tampa Bay ...and the Gulf Beaches.

RE/MAX USA Real Estate Sites -

Listing of Re/Max sites throughout the USA.

RE/MAX Real Estate Network -
This is the RE/MAX Home Page.
RE/MAX Offices throughout the USA. The Internet's most prolific SHOWCASE of HOMES and REAL ESTATE in the Nation.

Real Estate Companies

Coldwell Banker -
This International Web site offers property buyers and sellers a view of the many thousands of properties offered for sale throughtout the United State and Canada. Clickable Map.

USA Individual Brorkers or Agents -

Interesting Broker and Agents sites throughout the country.


RE/MAX - Dan Wolf -
Anchorage, Alaska. Leader of the Pack

Arizona -

Ann McCartney's Scottsdale Lifestyles
Scottsdale, Arizona. More than just a Real Estate Site. It is a Lifestyle Site.
Ron Zack -
ERA Gem Realty - Tucson, Arizona

Maine -

ERA of Maine -
Your Maine Real Estate Source.

Texas - DFW

Coldwell Banker Paula Stringer, Realtors -
Welcome to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.
RE/MAX Realtor - Dave McDonald
Dave McDonald - Out in Front
RE/MAX - Leslie Pennington
Welcome to the Dallas Metroplex. Leslie Pennington, Multi-million Dollar Sales Producers
Ruth T. Gatchell Realtor
Ebby Halliday Realtors. Let us go to work for you.
Shirley Nelson - Relocation Texas -
Personal service in making your move stress-free anywhere in the USA. Specializing in relocations to and from the DFW Metroplex area.


This will give you examples of a variety of Web sites that other Real Estate companies have. It is a good source of ideas for designing or up-dating YOUR site.

Examples of Aprartment & Real Estate Sites -

No Example at this Time -

Examples of Commercial Real Estate Sites -

North America

CB Commercial On The Web -
CB Commercial Real Estate Group, Inc. On the Web.
Chicago Commercial Real Estate - Randy Blankstein -
As a commercial Real Estate Broker in the Chicago area, the purpose is to provide information on the Chicago Commercial Real Estate Market and other Real Estate sites on the Internet.
Comspace.Com - Fort Worth, Texas Commercial Real Estate -
Commercial Real Estate throughout the USA
Florida Gold Coast Realty Network -
Real Estate Listings for Palm Beach, Broward and Dade County.
Friedman Real Estate Group -
Farmington Hills, Michigan. Your complete resource for all of your commercial real estate needs.
J. William "Bill" Reese - CB Commercial -
Specializes in Land and Retail properties in the DFW market.
Oklahoma Commercial Real Estate Forum -
One-Stop interactive commercial property listings in the Sooner State.
Prentiss Properties -
Founded in 1987, Prentiss Properties is a fully integrated Commercial Real Estate company providing a wide range of sercices, including property and facilities management, leasing and tenant construction. Features include detailed information on the c
Professional Land Corporation -
Southern California
William G. Behr "The Behr Facts"
CB Commercial Real Estate Group, Inc. Bringing the World to Fort Worth, Texas

The World

DTZ International - Commercial Real Estate, Property Agents & Brokers -
CB Cmmercial in the USA/Canada & South America and C Y Leung in Asia -The World's leading commercial real estate consultancy with over 200 offices in 34 countries.

Examples of High End Residential Property -

Gentle Winds - Real Estate -
Galena, Maryland. Marketing High End and Luxury Property

Examples of Land + Ranch Sites -

Brooks Real Estate - Stephenville, Texas -
Stephenville's Oldest Real Estate Company. Commercial, Farms, Ranches, Residential, Recreational, Investment and Wildlife Management Properties.
Texas Land, Farm and Ranch, Real Estate in South Texas -
Richter Ruple Realty, Pleasanton, Texas.

Examples of Luxury Real Estate Sites -

Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate -
An international network of the finest residential luxury real estate brokerages in the World.

Examples of Real Estate Sites -

Alaska Real Estate Navigator -
Select a company, or scroll down the page to view all companies.
Austin Real Estate Connection -
Provide public access for lsting and servicing all types of real estate located in Austin.
Chestertons Residential Corporation (Residential Property Rent Sales Flats Houses London UK)
Ellen Terry, Realtors - Residential * Commerical * Home Leasing * Ranch * Relocation -
Equality Real Estate, Inc of Cheyenne Wyoming
Our-Town Internet Service - Regional Real Estate Center -
Select a County to view Real Estate listings. Bosque - Comanche - Eastland - Erath - Hamilton - Hood - Palo Pinto - Parker - Somervell
Winn REALTORS - Interests in Arizona - Tourist Information

Examples of Waterfront Property -

RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks Properties -
Your best source for Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri real estate information.

Texas -

Finding your way around the State

Cities in the North Central Texas Region -
Alphabetically List.
USA CityLink - Texas State Information -
State and Texas City Information
State of Texas Government Information -
Many helpful Texas sites. All about Texas for Texans, Future Texans and Visitors.
Texas Education -
Texas K-12 School Home Pages.
Texas Cities in Alphabetical Order -
Texas Cities by Region Map -
Select a Texas Region that you are interested in and click on that part of the Map.
Texas Communities - Texas Department of Commerce -
A collection of community demographic Profiles that offer search utilities for a variety of community facets. Find the Texas Community that suits your needs.
Texas County Appraisal Districts
Green City Network
Texas County Information -
State of Texas - Government Information on every County in Texas.
Texas County Profiles -
U.S. Census Bureau
Texas Economy -
Texas Economic Quarterly - Texas Economic Outlook - Special reports from the comptroller - Economic Indicators - Texas Production & Consumption by month - Classifications
Texas Help Desk -
Window On State Government.
Texas PTA Homepage -
We are the Texas branch of the National Parent-Teacher Association
Texas Real Estate Commission -
This is your starting point to access TREC's collection of regulatory and licensing information
Texas - Your Community -
State of Texas- List of Agencies, Commissions, and Universities
Government Information.

Texas A & M University Real Estate Center -

News - Information - Publications -s Data - Cybersites

Texas A&M University - Real Estate Center - ..
This is a great site with many Real Estate links & information. The RE Center was created in 1971 to meet the needs of many audiences, including the Real Estate industry, instructors, researchers and the general public. The Center's comprehensive program of research and education yields publications and periodicals distributed widely under the slogan "Solutions Through Research"

Texas General Land Office -

Texas General Land Office -
Promotes awareness of the history of Texas public lands through several programs.

Texas Department of Transportation -

Texas Department of Transportation -

The Realty Engine -

Many informative and helpful sites.

The Realty Engine (tm) -
The Web's Premier Real Estate Source Page.

Additional Real Estate Information

Apartment Finders Service -
Residential Locators for apartments, condos, duplexes, and houses in the Greater Austin area. Serving Central Texas for over 29 years.
EZ Connect Real Estate -
Many informative and helpful Real Estate sites.
Homebuyer's Fair -
Great information on buying a home, relocation, insurance, and other related topics.
Prime Retail -
A self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust engaged in the owership, development, construction, acquisition, leasing, marketing and management of manufacturers' outlet centers throughout the United States.
Riding the Range - Real Estate -
This is the CyberRodeo Riding the Range Real Estate Site. Many helpful Links.
E & Y Kenneth Leventhal Real Estate Group -
Professionals providing audit, tax and real estate advisory services to owners, developers, builders, lenders and users of real estate, creating value-added business solutions for you through innovation and exceptional service.

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