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Business Results

Business Results for YOUR Business or Profession

CPA Results -

Internet Seminars. Call the Rodeo Steakhouse - Dick McMullin 817 332.1288

Accountants -

Accountants USA + International -

Arthur Andersen -
Coopers & Lybrand L.L.P. -
A professional services firm.
Deloitte & Touche LLP - USA -
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu International -
KPMG International -
Price Waterhouse United States -
Price Waterhouse Worldwide organization -

Accountants Australia -

Coopers & Lybrand in Australia -
Gerber Miller - Sydney, Australia -
Chartered Accountants & Advisers to Business.
KPMG Australia

Accountants Canada -

Accountants in Canada Directory -
Courtesy of Cusimano Computer Consultants.
BDO Dunwoody: Your on-line connection for Canada's entrepreneurs -
Chartered Accountants & Consultants
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants -
Certified Management Accountants of B.C. -
Across Canada, the CMA designation is the trusted symbol of current, competent, ethical professionalism in the management accounting field.
Certified Management Accountants - French & English -
KPMG Canada
Price Waterhouse Canada -

Accountants United Kingdom -

Coopers & Lybrand in the United Kingdom -
Moores Rowland Chartered Accountants -
Authorised by the Institue of Chartered Accountants in Enland and Wales to carry on Investment Business.

Accountants Europe & the Former Soviet Union -

Price Waterhouse Europe & The Former Soviet Union

Accountants South Africa -

KPMG South Africa -

Accounting & Tax Software -

Accounting/Tax Software Publishers Site Seeker -
Many Software Sites

Association of College and University Auditors -

Association of College and University Auditors -
An international professional organization dedicated to the practice of internal auditing in higher education.
Internal Auditing -
The Institute of Internal Auditors - United Kingdom.

American Accounting Association

American Accounting Association -
American Accounting Association Webmasters Page -
Helpful Information

American Institute of Certified Public Accounts -

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants -

Accounting Information - Canada -

CA-Xchange -
A meeting place for Chartered Accountants and their Friends. Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.
Certified General Accountants' Association of Canada -
Certified General Accountants of Nova Scotia -
Charatered Accountants of Canada - English/French -
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario -

Accounting Information Ireland -

Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland -

Accounting Information New Zealand -

Prince & Partners' - NZ Business, Investment and Immigration

Accounting Information United Kingdom -

Charatered Institute of Management Accountants -
Student Affairs.

Accounting Professionals Site Search -

Accounting Professionals Site Seeker -
List of Accounting Firms.

CPA net -

CPA net (tm) -
If you are a CPA need CPA net. This is one of the best CPA sites on the net

CPS Exam -

The Examination to become a U.S. Certified Public Accountant. - CPA

CPA Exam -
Accounting Institute Seminars.

Directory of CPA & Consulting Firms -

Directory of CPA & Consulting Firms -
Worlwide. Courtesy of Bowling Green State University.

Government -

USA Government -

FinanceNet -
Financial Management in Government.

Texas State Government -

Window on State Government -
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Institute of Management Accountants -

Institute of Management Accountants -
The largest management accounting association in the world.

Law Engine -

The Law Engine! (tm) -
The Web's Premier Legal Source Page.

Site Seeker -

Search Engine for finding Accounting Web Sites. Very useful.

Site Seeker -
A Directory of Resources and Sites for Accounting Professionals and Financial Executives.

Taxes -

Federation of Tax Administrators -
Mission is to improve the quality of state tax administration by providing services to state tax authorities and administrators.
State Tax Agencies -
Links to State Tax Agenies in the USA.
State Tax Rates & Structure -
Prepared by the Federation of Tax Administrators summarizing state tax structures.
TaxConnect -
A State Supported Electronic Commerce Resource Provided by TaxNet Governmental Communications Corporation.
U.S. Tax References -

Tax USA -

Department of the Treasury & the International Revenue Service presents the fastest, easiet Tax Publication on the Planet
IRS - Forms And Publications -
When it comes to tax forms and publications, when your're armed with the correct instructions, the right forms and all the pertinent publications, your filing problems will be a lot less taxing.
IRS - File Manager For Regulations -
Retrieve Regulations. You may select the file that you wish to retrieve from this dialog, or you may alternatively use an FTP client to access
Maxwell's Taxing Times -
Taxing Times is an electronic compendium of information related to the task of filling out and filing your Income Tax forms.

Tax Canada -

Revenue Canada -
Helpful Tax Links
Revenue Canada Publications, Guides and Forms -
Revenue Canada Forms -

Tax United Kingdom -

Inland Revenue UK Internet Service -

Tax Australia -

Australian Professional Information Services -
Providers of Tax Information to Business and Government.

Tax Wizard -

Tax Wizard -
The Web's First Full-Featured Tax Service.

Tax and Accounting Sites -

Excellent resource site.

H&R Block, Inc. -
A diversified company offering tax, financial and information services. The country's Largest Tax Preparation Firm.
Tax and Accounting Sites -
A Guide to Internet Resources - Tax Sites Directory & Accounting Sites Directory. This is a very informative and useful site with many outstanding links.
TaxSites - Internet income tax related information available on Internet -
Income Tax Information
TaxSites - U.S. Income Tax Law Available on the Internet -
9: U.S. Income Tax Law (Judicial)

Helpful Sites & Links on the Internet -

Aberdeen University - Department of Accountancy -
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.
Accountant's Home Page -
Your Guide to Accounting Sites. Many, Many Web Sites and Links.
ANet - Charles Sturt University, Australia -
A co-operative venture involving individuals and academic institutions from around the world. It is part of the International Accounting Network.
Bruce W. Hutton, Certified General Accountant (CGA)
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Very useful links and information
CSU Stanislaus Accounting Society -
A club that promotes professionalism and explores the accounting environment.
EZ Connect / Business & Finance / Accounting -
Helpful Business & Finance Links.
FinanceNet -
Financial Management in Government.
K2 Enterprises Accountants Hotlist -
Many informative and helpful links.
Links to Accounting
B.W. Hutton, CGA
Professional Accounting Organizations -
Informative Links.

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