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Business Results

Business Results -

Informative and Helpful Sites for the Business Person.

Cyber Rodeo Search Engine -

Follow these instructions for using the Cyber Rodeo Search Engine. Click On "Search Our Site" Enter the Key Word (s). When the sites come up, go to the site (There will be more than one site) and then go to EDITand FIND. Type in the Key Word again. This should bring up the Topic that you are Searching for.

WORLDWIDE WEB SITES for Understanding Business and the Internet -

The Internet and You -

The Internet is a powerful force, and we had better learn how to use it or the World will pass us by. The Internet is the fastest-growing medium in history, like it or not, it will affect you and those around you at home and on the job.

What is the Internet -

The Internet got its start in the late 1960's with the arrival of the UNIX operating system. Then the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funded research into a fault tolerant network that could withstand nuclear attack.

What is the Internet Now -

The Internet today is a large network of computers connected together for the purpose of sharing information. The Internet links millions of computers in countries throughout the world.

What the Internet can do for You -

The Internet today is becoming a fast avenue of on-line communications and commerce. You can use the Internet to send and receive E-Mail. There are chat rooms to visit and you can join in on conversations that may interest you. You can listen to music. The possibilities are endless.

Where the Internet will be Tomorrow -

People and Businesses will have full interactive video in real time with groups of people from all over the globe interacting in virtual reality environments.

E-Mail -

E-Mail is the most common use of the Internet today. An E-Mail message is essentially a letter that gets delivered electrically. The Internet acts as a giant electronic Post Office, delivering E-Mail messages to users throughout the world.

What is an Internet address -

Every computer system connected directly to the Internet has a unique address or URL (URL is a Universal Resource Locator) This can be a number represented in four parts joined by periods (149.32.345.170) or it can be represented in words. Example: The Internet address is used by your Browser to find users, files and other resources connected to a computer system. You can type this in manually in the Location box or use a search engine as described later.

What is the World Wide Web -

The World Wide Web is a collection of information stored in Hypertext files on various computers on the Internet. The Hypertext files that make up the World Wide Web are called Web Pages. To view information in a Web Page you must use a Web Browser (MS Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) The Web browser program transfers the hypertext file (http) to your computer system for viewing.

What is a Home Page -

If your computer is on the Internet, you can set up Hypertext files that can be displayed by users with an Internet browser. These files can contain Hypertext links to other files on the World Wide Web. By setting up these files and publishing that fact to the Internet community, you have set up what is known as a Web Site.

What is a Search Engine -

Search engines utilize software agents often called Robots or Spiders. These agents are programmed to constantly "crawl" the web in search of new updated pages. They will essentially go from URL to URL until they have visited every Web site on the Internet.
To run a search engine such as Yahoo, Alta Vista, Web Crawler, Infoseek, Excite etc. go into a search engine of your choice and type a word or words to start your search. The search engine will pull up all web pages that it has indexed containing information on the word or words.

Bookmarks -

When you find a Web site that you like and would probably want to return to, you can add it to your Bookmark list. By doing this, you can then return to that Web site by clicking on its name in your Bookmark list instead of typing it in or going to a search engine.

How to choose an Internet Provider (ISP) -

When you are ready to start using the Internet, you must first choose and get setup with an Internet Service Provider. When choosing which ISP to use, look at all your options. You should look for an ISP that has a local phone number to connect to so that you do not have nay long distance charges and the ISP should have a local office. The ISP should provide unlimited access for the monthly fee charged and should have a reasonable setup fee with no charge for the software. Remember, a high price does not always mean better service and a low price does not mean best value. A reasonable expectation is around $18 to $25 per month.

The Internet - Not a Perfect World -

Remember, the Internet is not a perfect world, in fact it is far from it. This communications thoroughfare cannot be tagged the Information Super Highway. It's current structure is much more comparable to a Dirt Road with many pot-holes. Needless to say, it is improving as each minute passes.

What Is -

What Is - is a very helpful site for learning the Internet and for finding answers to your Internet questions. . If the frame version confuses you, click on "no frames"

The above information should give you a good overview of the Internet -

The following Internet information will give you more specific answers to your questions. Good Luck with your Adventure into the World of Cyberspace.

Internet Browsers -

There are only two PC Browsers that need to be considered. Mircosoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Both come with a Email software package. The decision is - do you want a Chevrolet or Ford. Both are excellent Browsers. For Mac OS users there is Cyberdog.

Apple Comnputer's CyberDog for the Mac OS -

Cyberdog -
Apple's integrated software suite that provides easy and intuitive access to all the Internet resources that you use most.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer -
All About Internet Explorer for Windows 3.1
Microsoft Internet Explorer -
Learn about Internet Explorer for Windows 95
Microsoft Internet Explorer Starter Kit -
Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT and Macintosh. Comes packed with Internet extras so you can make the most out of the Internet.

Netscape Navigator

Netscape Tutorial -
A step-by-step tutorial on how to use one of the finest World Wide Web Browsers available
Netscape Navigator - Tutorial ** -
The Online Handbook
Netscape Navigator 3.0 -
The newest release of the World's most popular Internet client, lets users access and share information on the Internet in a easy-to-use environment.
Netscape Navigator 3.0 + Subscription -
Available for new purchasers - $66 US - Ensures that you'll always be using the newest Navigator version by providing you with a year's worth of upgrades.
Netscape Navigator Upgrade and Subscription -
A Netscape Software Subscription ensures that you're using the newest Navigator - by providing you with a year's worth of upgrades. ( $39 US)
Netscape Navigator Software Subscription + Power Pack 2.0 -
Stay on the cutting edge with a year's worth of Navigator upgrades, plus 50 percent off Power Pack, which extends the Navigator's capabilities. You can spell-check your Netscape email, protect your computer from viruses and organize bookmarks more efficiently.
Netscape Navigator Subscription Renewal -
Renewal is for current Subscribers only. ($17 US). Renewing ensures that you will continue to be entitled to download Netscape Communicator when released, as well as all major and minor upgrades released within one year of your Subscription renewal.
General Store | Navigators -
Delivers an award-winning combination of speed and functionality. Experience richer content through new multimedia and collaboration features.
General Store | Server Solutions | Servers -
Southwestern Bell - Download Netscape Navigator -
Download the latest version of our customized Netscape Navigator browser and dialer software.

A quick walk-through the Netscape Navigator Browser -

This is just basic - Using Your Web Browser. Web Browsers are written in order to make it as easy as possible for people to use the Internet. All Browser and Window commands and features are simular.

Tool Buttons -


Displays the previous page in the history list. A history list contains pages you've viewed since you opened a Navigator window. When you close the window, the history list is discarded.


Display the next page in the history list. Forward is only available after you click BACK or click a page in the history list.


Displays your home page. This is the same page that comes up when you open Netscape Navigator.


Redisplays the current page. Netscape Navigator checks the network server to see if any change to the page has occurred since you first loaded it. If there's no change, the same page is loaded again. If there has been a change, the updated page is loaded


Loads images into pages. Available when the Options/Auto Load Images menu item is unchecked (you've opted to load just a page's text and skip the graphics). If you decide to see images after the page has loaded, click IMAGES.


Lets you enter a URL to display the specified page in the content area. Remember, you DO NOT have to type in http:// before the URL. Netscape does it automatically.


Displays a dialog box so you can print the content area of the current Navigator window.


Lets you search for a word or phrase in the current page.


Halts any ongoing transfer of page information. If you start to open a site and change your mind, just click STOP.


Some of these buttons may not be selectable at all times. If the button looks grayed out, it is not selectable. For example, the STOP button is only available when the stop sign is RED.

Directory Buttons -


The Home Page for Netscape Navigator.


Displays a page of links to new pages on the Internet.


Displays a page of links to cool pages on the Internet.


Internet Customer Showcase. Customer Showcase features companies that are using Netscape Servers to promote their businesses. Seach for Innovative Internet Sites.


Displays a master directory of other Internet directories.


Displays a directory of Internet search engines.


Like the paper version, these online white pages provide listings for individurals, but you get an e-mail address instead of a phone number.


Helpful Information about the Internet.


Displays an introductory page for the Navigator Handbook and a list of supplementary information. (Access remotely from Netscape's server).

Searching for Information on the Internet -

To look for information on a specific subject, or for a specific page, you can use a SEARCH ENGINE. Click the Net Search directory button to see a page of available search engines. You can read descriptions of how they search. (some search just page titles, headers or indexes. while others search entire pages). When you select a search engine, you can immediately link to it. Most search engines give you instructions and advice on how to perform an effective search.

Internet Service Providers -

The the price can vary between $9 per month (pre-paid for 1 year) to $30 per month. The average price is $20 per month. Remember, you are buying Tech Support. Dial-Up ISDN is available for $40 to $60 per month and is recommended for the Serious User.

Important Modem Information -

If you are selecting an Internet Service Provider, it is very important that you select an ISD that supports the new x2 Technology. (56K modem speed) It is recommended that you go to Click on Find an Internet Service Provider. Type in your ZIP code and click search. This will bring up the ISP that support x2. This will keep you ahead of the technology curve.

USRobotics -

U.S.Robotics -
For complete end to end information access solutions our products allow people to access, manage and share data, fax and voice information
U.S. Robotics- x2 Technology -
New X2 Products offer low cost of Entry into 56K market. Find an Internet Service Provider that's Live with x2 Technology.

On Ramp Technologies -

The Service Provider for the Rodeo Steakhouse. For additional information contact Richard McMullin 817 332.1288

Onramp Technologies -
The Internet Service Provider for the Rodeo Steakhouse.
OnRamp Technologies Online -
Excellent service and 24 hour Tech Support. The Service Provider of the Rodeo Steakhouse.
Onramp Search Engine -
A search facility that bases its search results on the results of a number of search engines. It has become apparent that each of the popular search engines may return a different set of documents based on a typical query. Onramp will correlate result and then display them.

DFW Internet Service Providers -
Webfeats Dallas, Texas. Rates: SLIP/PPP Accounts - Shell Accounts - ISDN Access - Local Telephone Numbers - Online Contact.
Global Internet and ISP's
Backbone Providers
ImagiNet Communications -
Great Local Provider serving the Metroplex. Good, Quick Service - Talk to the same person each time.This is important to the serious internet user.
NETCOM On-line Communication Services, Inc. -
A leading International Internet Service Provider with years of network experience.
Our-Town Internet Service - Stephenville, Texas
Internet Service Provider Serving Stephenville and the surrounding area.
StarText.Net -
Fort Worth Star Telegram Internet program. Good Metroplex provider. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or they will refund the balance of your account at the time you notify Customer Service of cancellation.
The List (Internet Service Providers)
Complete list of all ISP throughout the World

Texas Internet Service Providers -

Texas Internet Service Providers -
Texas Online - Promoting Texas People, Texas Products and Texas Pride.

American On Line -

The World's Most Popular Internet Online Service Provider.

America On Line -
Provider of content as well as a means to dial into the Internet. They have content on their own computers that non-AOL people can't access.
America On Line - What's New -
Pricing Structure + Information on current changes and improvements.

E-mail -

Use either MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or Eudora. All three are excellent for E-mail. MS Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator come with the Browser Software. Eudora is a separate software package, but is probably the most user friendly.

Eudora - Email Software -
Excellent E-mail program. Very User Friendly.
Eudora Light Software and Documentation -
Download Eudora Light NOW. Questions & Answers

Domain Names -

Control your Company Internet Domain Name. With your own Domain Name you can move to any Internet Service Provider that you choose.

Domain Name Lookup -
Waymark Net Lookup an Internet Domain. Searches the InterNIC Domain Name database. Perform several different searches.
Domain Registration - Support -
Onramp Technologies Domain Query Tool
InterNIC - Register your Domain Name -
It is recommended that you have your ISP register your Domain Name. The cost should be $100 for 2 years and then $50 per year thereafter. Prepaid.
Internet Domain Names -
Law of the Internet - Domain Name issues
Computer Law - Domain Names - Protecting Trademarks on the Internet -
A review and opinion by Richard Raysman and Peter Brown.
Trademarks, Cyberspace, and the Internet -
The UCLA Online Institute for Cyberspace Law and Policy.

DirecPC -

DirecPC -
400 kbps - Three times faster than ISDN and fourteen times faster than a standard 28.8 modem. Light years faster than a 14.4 modem. The lightning speed of DirecPC is due to its advanced Satellite Technology.

Cookie(s) -

If a site asks you to register and you are allowed to customize the desktop settings, such as selecting the wallpaper. The next time you return to the site, you are greeted by name, and with the settings you selected. Cookies are a general mechanism which server side connections can use to both store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection. The addition of a simple, persistent, client-side state significantly extends the capabilitites of Web-based client/server application.

Helpful Business Software -

Broderbund The Print Shop -
Very helpful software for creating sensational greeting cards, signs, stationary, banners and more.
Cynet -
Fax Broadcast Around the World for as little as 5 cents per copy. Free Software.
Lotus Domino -
Domino is a new Internet software product from Lotus. Technically, Domino is a web server and a web development environment. Domino dramatically speeds the development of business websites. It is a web server that already has applications running.
Microsoft FrontPage 97 Tour -
FrontPage 97 Buyer's Checklist

Mirabilis -

The Dial Tone of the Internet. This software is a must. Both the sender and the receiver must have the ICQ software. This is a must for communicating with your friends throughout the World.

Mirabilis LTD. - FrontPage -
This Software is a MUST. Would you like to know if your Friends & Associates are surfing the NET - Right Now ! ICQ does everything for you. You can chat, send messages and files, play games or use it as the perfect business tool to find and contact

QuickBooks Small Business Online -
Symantec Corporation -
Norton AntiVirus - Norton Utilities Norton Your Eyes Only - FastFind - PC Handyman - pcAnywhere - Delrina Winfax Pro
Stats by WebStats -
Measurements for Success. A unique Statistics service that provides valuable insight into the success of sites on the World Wide Web.
WinFax PRO for Business -
Great Fax Software. User Friendly. Build-up a Customer Fax List.

Fran Tarkenton Small Business NET work -

This site can be very helpful for the Small Business Person that does not have the time to surf the net for specific business information. The software has to be purchased.

Fran Tarkenton Small Business NETwork -
This is a good Web site on the Net for the Small Business person.

How to Download Software -

How to Download Software -
Site courtesy of Gower.Net

How to Promote Your Web Site -

Companies - Take Advantage of our Internet Seminars for Company Employee's.

Information on How to Promote Your Web Site -

For details on How to Promote your Web Site contact Richard McMullin 817 332.1288 email

How to Promote Your Web Site -
Courtesy of OnNet Solutions. Working Internet Seminars by OnNet Solutions and the Rodeo Steakhouse. Call for details Jerry Starkweather Toll Free 888 667-6588
Web InSight ....a division of Parker, Nichols & Company -
Web Resources for Marketing Professionals. Find resources geared for the marketing professional who uses, or wants to use the World Wide Web to promote enterprise creatively.

Internet Introduction -

Four great sites to get you started. Very helpful for both the beginner and Intermediate Internet User.

Augsburg Internet Basics Introduction. -
A good place to start for beginners
Internet Beginners Central - Introduction. -
A Walk through the Internet
World Wide Web for the Clueless - ..
A really basic overview of how things work
Zen and the Art of the Internet - Table of Contents -
A Beginner's Guide to the Internet.

Internet Seminar's -

Intranet - Internet - Security - Training - Private Telephone Access

CyberRodeo - Seminars & Tournaments -
The perfect location for your Seminar, Training Class or Tournament. You can use your instructor or ours. CyberRodeo Internet Classes for Beginners. Intermediate Classes start at $15. To sign up for the next class call 817 332.1288

Internet Term Glossary

Internet Term Glossary -
Another Helpful Site from

Internet Webmaster's Encyclopedia

Webmaster's Encyclopedia -
Encyclopedia of internet terms + Additional Helpful Information. Scroll to the bottom of the page for Internet resources and links.

Learn the Net -

Learn the Net -
Welcome to the world's most popular field guide to cyberspace. Help is just a click away. This is a great site for all Surfers. Remember, when you find what you are looking for, you can print the page out for future reference.

Books About the Internet -

The "Dummies" Series is as great place to Start. To find Books on almost any subject, go to the Amazon Book Store.

Amazon Books -
Search One Million Titles. Discount Prices.
...For Dummies Homepage -
The "For Dummies" Online Resource. The Knowledge Revolution continues ...Review and Order your "For Dummies" Book Online.

Macmillan Publishing USA -

The Information Super Library.

Que's Digital Bookshelf -
Access the Hottest Titles Online

World Wide Web Introduction -

Provding brief explanations and a few high quality links for a broad range of topics on the World Wide Web.

A Complete Web Guide -
Provides brief explanations and a few high quality links for a broad range of topics.

Busniess Guide Lines -

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers -

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers -
The world's largest online industrial buying source. Finding the product, service, or company you need is easy and faster than ever. Free Membership.

Helpful Business Information -

100hot business websites -
Hot business websites. Books * Earth's Biggest Bookstore - ..
Great Search Engine to help you find the book that you are looking for.
American Insitute of Architects -
American Institute of Architects home page.
American Society for Quality Control -
American Society for Quality Control home page.
Andersen Consulting -
Andersen Consulting home page.
Arastar Internet News Page -
This is a wonderful site for finding News Media throughtout the World
Augsburg College Library - Economics Resources -
Basic sites to help you look for economics resources on the Internet
Babson College Business Resources -
Sources and sites for information about business, international resources, entrepreneurship, market reports and government
BankWeb -
Comprehensive directory of banks on the World Wide Web.
Barrels of Fun -
Custom gift barrels, boxes & bags for any occasion.
Better Business Bureau Central Web Server for U.S. and Canada -
Helping Consumers and Businesss to Maintain an Ethical Marketplace.
Bulldog Business Page -
Very useful information
Business & Employment -
Find your dream job. Business & Employment.
Business Resource Center -
This is a great site for the Small Businessman
Cognos - ..
Tools that Build Business. The world leader in advanced business computing solutions.
Cornerstone Resources -
A "factoring" company -- turn receivables into cash
Dale Carnegie -
People. Performance. Profits.
Electronic Frontier Foundation -
Non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy and access to public resources and information online & promote responsibility in news media.
ENTEX Information Services -
Total PC Management ....Because You've got a Business to Run
Executive PayWatch -
If you think America's corporate executives are out of control with their lavish salaries, bonuses, and stock options, your're right.
Ford Management Service. -
Serving the Golbal Bar, Night Club & Cyber Cafe Community
Fuld & Company, Inc. -
Your Key to Competitive Knowledge
Gables Corporate Accommodations -
Corporate Housing - Temporary Housing - Business Accommodations. Discover Luxury Living in the Fast Lane. Fully furnished, luxurious apartments for short and long term corporate accommodations (30 day minimum).
InvestorGuide - Your Guide to Investing on the Web -
Many, many helpful links.
Kiplinger Online -
Finance & Money Sites
National Management Association -
The home page or the world's largest society for management & leadership development.
National Press Club -
Directory of News Sources.
NET.VALUE - The Web Strategy Forum -
Interesting Business Sites on the Web
NewsPage -
Personalized news for today's business
NFIB: National Federation of Independent Business -
NFIB online. "The voice of small business on the web."
SBA: Small Business Administration -
SBA home page.
Small Business 2000 - Growing a Business -
Your weekly show on Public Television
Small Business Resource -
Small Business resources at Many valuable links.
State of Texas Government Information -
Many helpful Texas sites.
Strategic Studies -
Strategic Studies is a consulting company specializing in research, development and evaluation of programs and policies including - School Improvement Planning * Curriculum Development and Audits * Community Surveys.
Target Marketing...Online Monthly Magazine -
Direct Mail - Database Marketing - Telemarketing - Fulfillment - Creative Techniques - International Services
Who's Mailing What -
The only newsletter, analysis and record of direct mail in America.

Financial Services Marketplace -

Financial Services Marketplace -
Home Loans - Vehicle Financing - Education Loans - Consumer Credit - Insurance - Securities & Investments - Savings Accounts - Electronic Banking - Personal Finance Software - Electronic Payment Systems

Government Information -

Federal Trade Commission -
Very valuable information about busniess and the consumer
United States Department of Justice -
Valuable Information

Resource for Books -

Amazon Books -
Search One Million Titles. Discount Prices.
JMH Books And Software -
A full service discount book retailer. We carry most books, and most are discounted.

Business Helper -


Dallas Business Journal -

Dallas Business Journal -
Good source for Business News. Business Journal is also in major cities throughout the USA.

Fort Worth Business Assistance Center

Fort Worth Business Assistance Center -
A one-stop-shop assisting Start-Up businesses. Helps businesses develop and succeed. The assistance is given at no charge to the client businesses.

FED/Dallas -

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas -


General Business Resources - Austin, Texas

Texas Resources for Insurance & General Business -
Insurance and General Business Resources. Austin, Texas

Texas Market Place -

Texas Marketplace -
A product of the Texas Department of Commerce. Business Directory * Buy/Sell Exchange * Hub Directories * Procurement Opportunities * Resources

Texas State Government -

Window on State Government -
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Texas State Library -

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Texas State Library -
Texas State Library - Library Development Division -
About Library Development * Grants * Texas Libraries * Publications * Workshops * Jobline * Library Science Collection * Texas Reading Club
Texas Library System -
The Texas Library System is comprised of ten regional library systems across the state. Nearly every public library in the state is a member of the system.


Better Business Bureau -

Better Business Bureau Central Web Server for U.S. and Canada -
Helping Consumers and Businesss to Maintain an Ethical Marketplace

Big Yellow -

Big Yellow -
Your Yellow Pages On the Web.

Business Search Engines -

Web Week -
Search Service for Web Business Information. Get the latest information on the Hottest Internet products.
Zip2 Home Page -
Search for over 16 million businesses across town and across the country

Consumer Information Center -

Consumer Information Center -
Pueblo, Colorado. Hundreds of the best federal consumer publications available. All are FREE.

Credit Card Advisor -

Credit Card Advisor -

Federal Filings - A Dow Jones Service -

Federal Filings, Inc. - Business News and Information Services -
A Dow Jones Company. Online Business News and Analysis Services.

Incorporate & Trademarks

Corporate Creations - Online Incorporation & Trademark Services
This site is designed to help business owners incorporate their businesses and protect their trademarks.

Kinko's -

It's big. It's hairy. It's due in 24 hours ...and you just want it off your back.

Kinko's -
The new way to office 24 hours, 7 days a week.

National Fraud Information Center -

National Fraud Information Center 1-800-876-7060

Real Audio Interviews on Business -

Off the Record - RealAudio interviews on business and technology management -
RealAudio interviews with trend-setting businesses and technology professionals covering Internet-related topics. A great site.

Publicly Accesssible Mailing Lists

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists -- Index by Subject
Internet Power Tool


American Airlines -

AA Special E-Mail Fares. Big Savings. Sign up today.

American Airlines -

Special E-mail fares for Subscribers

American Airlines Net SAAver Fares -
E-mail USA fares. Special Discounts for subscribers. These special discounts are the easiest way to save on American Airlines and American Eagle for travel within the U.S. and Canada. Mexico destinations are now included.
American Airlines Net SAAver International Fares -
Subscribe to a special E-mail list and receive special International discounts each week via E-mail. You can really save some money.

Business Resources -

It will pay you to take a few minutes and visit this site. Very helpful business resources.

Finance Resources on the WWW -
DSU Finance Resources. Many, many great business and finance links. This is a wonderful site for business resources.

Financial Information & The Stock Market -

Financial Information -
Cyber Rodeo Riding the Range Financial Information.
Security APL Quote Server -
Stock Quotes and a Detailed Look at Market Activity.
Silicon Investor -
Information - Technology Stocks
StockMaster -
Charts of Stocks
Toronto Stock Exchange Quotes -
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
USA Today - Market Scoreboard - ..
*** 15 minute delayed stock quotes. Mutual fund performance figures. Wall Street summary updated hourly. Set up and track a portifolio of your personal investments. City-by-City interest rates on mortgages, bank CDs, auto loans and credit cards.
World Stock Markets & Quotes -
Worldwide Stock Markets.
Yahoo! Quotes -
Enter Stock Symbol (s) and get current price quote + other helpful information.


Federal Acquisition Jumpstation
Procurement and Acquisition Servers by contracting Activity.
Federal Trade Commission -
Very valuable information about busniess and the consumer
U.S. Copyright Office -
To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.
United States Department of Justice -
Valuable Information


Independent Insurance Agent Related Insurance Sites -
Many helpful Insurance Links
Insurance News Network - Texas -
Auto * Home * Life * Annuities * Ratings * States * Search
Insurance News Network - Your Guide to Auto, Home and Life Insurance -
Your Guide to Auto, Homee and LIfe Insurance.
Insurance News Network - Standard & Poor's -
Ratings List for Insurance Companies.
Insurance Testing -
What you need to know about procedures as related to Licensing and Testing for Insurance Exams. Covers many States.
Texas Department of Insurance -
Access Texas Insurance Regulations
Texas Workers' Compensation Insurance Fund -
Our mission is to provide a stable, competitive source of workers' compensation insurance for Texas employers , act as insurer of last resort, and help to previent on-the-job injuries and illnesses and minimize their consequences.
Quotesmith Corporation - Term Life Insurance Quote Page -
You can instantly view the premium rates and coverages of leading life insurance companies.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Both Quick Search and Find-Tuned Search.

IRIS Keyword Index -
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Great site. Just type in a KEY word and go.
IRIS Online Periodical Service (OPS) Database -
Online Periodical Service Database. Selected items from the Commerce Business Daily and the Federal Register.
Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS)
USA Research and Research Resources in other Countries.
Illinois Researcher Information Service - Help -
Tips on using the WWW IRIS


IRS - Department of the Treasury -
Internal Revenue Service.
IRS - The Digital Daily -
Text only. Easier and Faster to move around.
Maxwell's Taxing Times -
Taxing Times is an electronic compendium of information related to the task of filling out and filing your Income Tax forms.


Library of Congress -
This is a great site for resource information.
Export-Import Pathfinder -
Queens Library - Subject Guides to Library Materials


Helpful Information

Augsburg College Library - Minneapolis, Minn. -
The Library collections include approximately 160,000 items, including over 2,000 non-print items housed in the College's Audio-Visuasl Department, and 800 periodical subscriptions.
HYTELNET on the World Wide Web -
Library catalogs arrange geographically and by Vendor. Help files for Library catalogs.
Libweb - Library WWW Servers -
Keyword Search. World-Wide Libraries

Texas State Library -

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Texas State Library -
Austin, Texas
Texas State Library - Library Development Division -
About Library Development * Grants * Texas Libraries * Publications * Workshops * Jobline * Library Science Collection * Texas Reading Club
Texas Library System -
The Texas Library System is comprised of ten regional library systems across the state. Nearly every public library in the state is a member of the system.

World-Wide Web Virtual Library -

World-Wide Web Virtual Library - Subject Catalogue -
This is a very helpful site.

Credit Reports - ..

ConsumerInfo.Com, Inc. - ..
Receive a free copy of your credit report along with 30 free days of the CreditCheck Monitoring Service.
Equifax Inc. - ..
Be an informed consumer. Order your credit profile online.
Experian (TRW) - Credit and Real Estate Information - ..
Free credit advice online. Order a copy of your consumer credit report.
Trans Union - ..
Solutions from the Company that listens. The Nation's leading consumer information company. Offices throughout the United States and International in scope.

Ernst & Young -

A Global Organization. One of the leading professional services organizations helping companies to identify and capitalize on business opportunitites throughtout the world.

Gateway to Ernst & Young Sites -
Clickable Map
Ernst & Young - Focusing on Africa
Welcome to Ernst & Young Australia
Ernst & Young Accounting - Belgium -
Accounting - Audit - Tax
Ernst & Young - Canada
Velkomstsiden Ernst Young Denmark
Ernst & Young (Ireland) Professional Services -
Ernst & Young in Jersey
Ernst and Young Malaysia
Ernst & Young Middle East -
Moret Ernst & Young - Netherlands -
Ernst & Young South Africa -
Ernest & Young - Sweden -
Ernest & Young - United Kingdom -
Ernst & Young - United States -
Ernst & Young International

EZ Connect Business & Finance -

EZ Connect / Business & Finance -
Many helpful links.

Economy Development -

General Economy Development Sites Around the Country.

Area Development Online. Your Sites & Facility Information Source -
Daily Gazette -
Economic Development.
Economic Growth Center Reprint Series -
Yale University Library.
International Economics and Business -
Internet Resources
Internet Economic Development Resources -
Vital Web Resources for Economic Developers
Connection - Connection - Connection


Alabama -

Alabama -
Economic Development Partnership. Rich in opportunity. Profitable business environment, comfortable lifestyle and sense of community make the view from Alabama brighter than ever.
Alabama Economy -
Courtesy of AlaWeb.
Birmingham Office of Economic Development -
Birmingham InfoCenter.

Alaska -

A great place to live, a great place to visit, and a great place to do business.

Anchorage Economic Development Corporation -
The Municipality of Anchorage

Arizona -

Arizona Department of Commerce -
Opening Doors to Opportunity.
Arizona Economic Development Directory

Arkansas -

Whatever your business, you can build it in Arkansas.

Arkansas -
Arkansas' Economic Development Agency.

California -

California Trade and Commerce Agency -
Got questions about doing business in California. You've come to the right place.

Colorado -

Colorado Business Development Guide -
Economic development resources by regional map, city index, type of service and search engine.

Connecticut -

Connecticut Economic Resource Center -

Delaware -

Delaware Economic Development Office -
Smaller, Quicker, Smarter. A comprehensive introduction to Delaware.
Delaware State Data Center -
Smaller, Quicker, Smarter. The Center functions as a focal point for the distribution of Census information in Delaware.
Delaware Valley Business Net (sm) -
Your gateway to the leading area companies. These companies have all joined the #1 Delaware Valley Business Internet Directory.

Florida -

Sunny quality of life and a deep skilled labor force. Prepared for the future.

Gainesville -
Clickable Map for Information.
Tampa Bay Partnership -
The Climate is Right.
University of South Florida -
Economic Development Partnerships.

Georgia -

Georgia - GO Network -
Georgia Online Network.
Marietta Business and Economy -
Marietta, Georgia, Business & Economic Information.

Hawaii -

Honolulu, Hawaii -
Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development.

Idaho -

State Of Idaho -
Our goal is to provide public access to State information. We hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon.

Illinois -

Illinois Department of Commerce & Community Affairs -
A great State for Business, keeps getting better.

Indiana -

Access Indiana Information Network Index of State Agencies -

Iowa -

The smart state for business.

Iowa -
The Smart State for Business.

Kansas -

State of Kansas -
Welcome to the State of Kansas.

Louisiana -

INFO Louisiana -
INFO LOUISIANA is the entry point to state government information on the World Wide Web.

Maine -

Coastal Maine - Info Center -
Coastal Maine Voyager. Tap into the wealth of information of what's going on in the Midcoast area and beyond.
Maine Economic Development Network -
Maine welcomes your business.
Maine Main Page -
Maine is on the move.
Maine Office of Tourism -
The way life should be. Maine is America off the beaten path. Explore the great outdoors, as well as the rural, yet sophisticated, country towns unique to New England.

Maryland -

Maryland Manual On-Line -
A Guide to Maryland Government.
Sailor - Maryland's Public Information Network - Home Port -
Maryland State Department of Education
Sailor - Business and Consumer Resources -
Maryland's Online Public Information Network.

Massachusetts -

Massachusetts -
Department of Economic Development.

Michigan -

Michigan State Government -
Government information is organized into three branches. Executive ~ Legislative ~ Judical.

Minnesota -

Minnesota -
Serving the Dynamic Workforce Needs of Employers and Job Seekers.

Mississippi -

Mississippi -
Economic Development. Mississippi is a hotbed of economic growth.
Mississippi ** -
Your Business Connection.

Missouri -

If you're looking for a state that means business, come see the sites in Missouri.

Missouri -
Everything you've ever wanted to know about missouri.

Montana -

Montana Business Connections -
Your link to Business Resources.

Nebraska -

Nebraska Department of Economic Development -

Nevada - xx

New Hampshire -

New Hampshire - Economic Development -

New Jersey - xx

New Mexico -

New Mexico Business and Tourism Links

New York - xx

North Carolina -

North Carolina Department of Commerce -

North Dakota - xx

Ohio -

Ohio -
Main Economic Development Site.

Oklahoma -

Oklahoma -
Great reasons to locate your Business in Oklahoma.

Oregon -

Oregon Economic Development Department -
Working with Oregonians to build healthy communities and healthy businesses as part of a mission.

Pennsylvania -

Economic Development in Pennsylvania -
LibertyNet - Business and Commerce
The Philadelphia area, the fifth largest metropolitan area in the country, is home to a wide spectrum of businesses and consumers, and offers an attractive market for business and economic development opportunities.

Rhode Island -

Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation -
Rhode Island's Business Resource.

South Carolina -

South Carolina Department of Commerce -
Approaching 2000 - An Economic Development Vision.

South Dakota -

Governor's Office of Economic Development -
Great Faces * Great Places * Great Profits

Tennessee -

Tennessee Economic Development Center Internet Information Server -
Preparing Tennessee for competition in a global economy.

Texas -

Texas Economic Development and Tourism -

Utah -

Utah Department of Community and Economic Development -

Vermont -

State of Vermont -
The Green Mountain State.

Virginia -

A fully integrated transportation system of seaports, airports, rails and highways. A technologically advanced telecommunications network. Beautiful beaches, mountains, rivers and valleys.

Virginia -
Economic Development Partnership.

Washington -

Washington's List of Commerce and Industry Resources -

West Virginia -

West Virginia Economic Development Authority -

Wisconsin -

Wisconsin Economic Development Association -

Wyoming -

Wyoming -
Welcome to the State of Wyoming.
Wyoming -
Division of Economic and Community Development.

World -

Asia -

Channel A - Asian Culture, Asian Food, Asian Business - Feed Your ImaginAsian -
The best place to experience Asia from a fresh western perspective.

Australia -

Australia - An Introduction
Australia Index Virtual Library - Complete Listing
Australia-Malaysia Business Opportunities - An interactive handbook -
Australia-Malaysia Business Council trade Mission.
Department of Industry, Science and Tourism -
Canberra, Australia
Economic Development and Trade - Queensland, Australia -
Metropolis Association
Online Currents - Australian and International Online and Optical Information -

Brazil -

EAESP/FGV - Library Collection
New Departures for Technology Policy in Brazil

Canada -

Alberta -

Alberta Economic Development & Tourism - The Alberta Advantage -

British Columbia -

Digital EDGE - Economic Development Association of British Columbia -

Manitoba - xx

New Brunswick

Advantage New Brunswick -

Newfoundland - xx

Nova Scotia -

Sealink/ Atlantic Municipalities & Economic Development Agencies
Yarmouth Development Corporation -
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ontario -

Ontario, Canada - Business, Tourist and Economic Information -
The Future's Right Here.

Prince Edward Island -

Prince Edward Island - Economic Development and Tourism -
Information Centre

Quebec -

Greater Quebec Economic Development Corporation -

Saskatchewan -

Government of Saskatchewan - Economic Development -

China -

China -
International Trade
Open China - Commerce Home Page -
Loaded with helpful Information.

Ireland -

Shannon Development -
Shannon, Ireland. To initiate and support integrated development that will achieve sustained economic growth in and throughout the Shannon Region.

Japan -

Teikoku Databank -
Japan's leading research and corporate information company.

Korea -

Jisoon Lee - Professor -
Division of Economics, Seoul National University.

Mexico -

amigo! Mexico Online Search Directory -
Web Page Directory - Being Helpful just comes Naturally.

New Zealand -

Centre for Maaori Studies and Research -

Singapore & Hong Kong -

Singapore - Hong Kong Link -
Information on Economic and Trade Offices.

Go Explore -

Travel any State or City in the USA. The choice is yours. Enjoy.

Go Explore -Search By Destination -
Very informative and helpful sites on every State and City in the USA.

Hoover's Company Web Sites -

Hoover's Company Web Sites -
A list of web sites for over 3,000 major corporations.

Internet Web Page Design -

Get Business Results with a Internet Home Page.

CyberRodeo - Web Page Design -
Creator of the Rodeo Steakhouse Home Page.
Professional Website Services -
Corporate and Business Services. Website Design. Windows '95 and Internet Seminars and Training Classes at the Rodeo Steakhouse.

Magazine's -

Business Week
Business Week Magazine
Fortune Magazine Online -
Welcome to Fortune Magazine Online.
Forbes Magazine Digital Tool - ..
Forbes Magazine Newsstand.
Time Warner's magazine rack
TIME Vista -
The Online Resort for Small Businesses. Thousands of dollars worth of FREE business advice just a click away.

MSNBC Business Video - ..

Where the big dogs go on the Web.

MSNBC business video - ..
LIVE Video & Audio coverage of market moving events. Full key-word archival search. Unfiltered and absolutely up to the minute.

PBS Small Business 2000

Small Business 2000: "Learn today, earn tomorrow, return forever." -
Your weekly show on Public Television. From Public Television to the world via the worldnet Global satellites and the World Wide Web.

Search Engines -

Yahoo! - Computers and Internet - Internet - World Wide Web - Searching the Web - Search Engines -
Specific Search Engines Throughout the World.
edith frost | searching -
The most popular Search Engines.

Telephone and Communication Companies -

Worldwide Communication.

AirTouch Communications -
Around the world, demand for wireless communications is on the rise as more people everywhere discover the benefits of wireless services for business and personal uses.
AT&T -
Welcome to AT & T.
Bell Atlantic -
A customer-focused, innovative and diversified communications company performing at the highest level in some of the world's most competitive and fastest moving markets.
Bellcore -
Bell Communications Research. Global Connectivity.
Welcome to GTE.
International Telcom -
The leading international discount telecommunications provider.
LCI International - ..
A very different long distance phone company.
Welcome to MCI.
It's for you. NYNEX has long been known as "the phone company" for New York and New England. but we're more than just that.
PrimeCo -
Personal Communications.
Southwestern Bell -
Your friendly neighborhood global communicaions company.
Sprint -
It's not just where you go, but how you get there.
Providing communications, entertainment and information throughout the world, including one-third of America's households.

Telephone & Fax Management -

Harte Hanks - Response Management - ..
Proven leader of teleservices programs in the markets served. Consistently helping leading companies better manage their marketing programs. Ultimately, turn leads to sales.
HemNet - ..
Your information source for emerging business solutions.
MATRIXX Marketing Inc. - ..
A Cincinnati Bell company. The world leader in providing outsourced customer management solutions which increase sales, improve customer service and lower costs.
Mosaix, Inc. -
Managing the electronic space between you and your customers.
Response Design Corporation - ..
The call center experts. Leading specialist with years of experience building and managing contact centers.
Rockwell SSD - ..
Offering solutions backed by the longest, most solid experience in the call center industry.
Spanlink Communications - ..
Makers of everything cool and new in the interactive computer telephony industry.
Teubner and Associates, Inc - ..
Management of inbound faxes.

Telecommunications Resources -

Telecommunications Resources -
Many helpful Telecommunications Sites.


Electronic Embassy -
Links the staffs and resources of the Washington, D.C. embassy community to their constituencies in business and industy, education, the press and government.

Web Links to Business and Other Interesting sites -

First Business -

First Business -
Connect to a World of Business. Offers in-depth "how to" reports on starting and operating a small business and profiles of outstanding small businesses.

Helpful Business Sites -

Buy it on the Web -
A Grass Roots Promotion with Helpful Links.
Dun & Bradstreet Online Solutions -
U.S. Subscriber Access
Inc. Online - The Web Site for Growing Companies
Inc. Magazine Online
International Franchise Internet Service -
Information about the franchising industry - directories, news, events.
K2 Enterprises Accountants Hotlist -
Many informative and helpful links.
The World's leading producer of Technology Television. Computer Chronicles & The Internet Cafe
Small Business Accountants of America ....Your Accounting Source -
SBAA has introduced Accountants to over 20,000 business owners throughout the United States.
State of Texas- List of Agencies, Commissions, and Universities
Government Information.
Steve's Business Page -
Employer's Comp Associates - Texas Workers Compensation
Wharton - The Aresty Institute of Executive Education -
Aresty Institute of Executive Education offers leading-edge ideas and practical business solutions.
Web Links to Business and Other interesting sites - ********
This site goes on forever. You should be able to find your business information link here.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce -

U.S. Chamber of Commerce -
Helping Businesss is Our Business.

Tax and Accounting Sites -

Excellent resource site.

H&R Block, Inc. -
A diversified company offering tax, financial and information services. The country's Largest Tax Preparation Firm.
Tax and Accounting Sites -
A Guide to Internet Resources - Tax Sites Directory & Accounting Sites Directory. This is a very informative and useful site with many outstanding links.

World Newspapers

Kiosko - with Links to Newspapers all over the World -
Kiosken can take you to newspapers with an internet edition throughout the world.

Yahoo News Search -

Yahoo! to Go -
News Search using Keywords.

Around the World


MBendi Information Services - the knowledge that brings wisdom -
Information for Africa

Gemini Consulting -

Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.

Gemini Consulting, Inc. -
Gemini Consulting is a global management consulting firm with fully integrated capabilities in strategy, operations, people and information managements. 22 offices on five continents. Gemini works with the world's leading companies to make the right c

Central Europe Online -

Central Europe Online -
Covers everything in central europe from culture and current events to nightlife and shopping.

Globe Resource Centre -

GLOBE Resource Centre Main Menu -
The most complete and up-to-date source for environmental business intelligence on the Internet.


c o m b i t n e t f x .. On a journey to destination X -
International Consortium of Communication professionals who have come together to form India's First Working Virtual Corporation.

LG Group -

LG Group -
It's nice to meet you. English - Korean - Chinese - Russian - Spanish. Chemicals & Energy * Electric & Electronics * Machinery & Metals * Trade & service * Finance.


Solve your year 2000 problem.

A better return on INFORMATION. With R/3 and accelerated SAP, your 2000 problem can be history in a matter of months.

Southern Company -

America's largest generator of low-cost electricity and we're expanding worldwide. Our cutomers enjoy a power bill that's easier to swallow.

Southern Company Homepage

Sterling Commerce -

Sterling Commerce -
We've been the source for global electronic commerce business solutions for many years. Sterling helps your business do business Electronically.

Trade Tourism Marketing -

International management consulting firm specializing in tourism and product developement marketing.

Tourism Trade Marketing, Inc. -
Management and Marketing consultants for Tourism and International Product Developement.

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